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Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

fraught with uncertainty or doubt

open to doubt or suspicion

not convinced

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The opener said he had been concerned since the ICC first announced it was investigating some dubious activities in the league which was neither sanctioned nor recognized by the ICC or its affiliated unit, Emirates Cricket Board.
FBR senior officials said that the FBR examined the tax returns deposited by these 300 factories and found the record dubious due to which the FBR has decided to conduct their special monitoring in this regard.
The behaviour of the bank's management and owners was unscrupulous, which was evidenced by the failure to comply with restrictive measures imposed by the supervisor, by operations to withdraw liquid assets to the detriment of creditors and depositors' interests, as well as by dubious operations to avoid the compliance with the supervisor's requirements to create loss provisions commensurate with risks assumed.
The Finance official said they uncovered these dubious contracts after someone referred them to the MICC.
New Delhi [India], July 27 ( ANI ): With the latest political ruckus in Bihar, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) on Thursday lashed out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stating that the recent episode in the state politics has brought his dubious character to fore.
IN PROBABLY the biggest scam of the Delhi government's Public Works Department ( PWD), around ` 200 crore has been paid to more than three dozen contractors on either fake bills or in a dubious way.
They know with the dubious postal election system in this city that they will always be re-elected no matter what they achieve.
Yet with "In Dubious Battle," an adaptation of a 1936 John Steinbeck novel, it's clear that Franco has acquired skills that are beginning to fuse with the best side of his instincts, which is to look at subjects with a candor that mainstream movies too often avoid.
They're based on the dubious basis of learning loss.
Klarides said, "With all that has transpired in the last two weeks, with the states budget a mess and unfinished school construction projects hanging to make the worlds largest hedge fund a priority, I find it dubious.
PESHAWAR -- PESCO surveillance team on Monday raided in different areas of PESCO Khyber Circle and besides removing 11 illegal dubious meters arrested 36 accused of power pilferage.
I'M SORRY if my writings offend Ray Rushton but I didn't seek to mix with people he describes as dubious.
THE SNP yesterday branded the Tory Government's proposed laws on surveillance powers "of dubious legality".
Originally published in 2000, "Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times" by Robert W.
TUNIS (TAP) - Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia Chedly Ayari called for the creation of a national authority to control funds of dubious origin.