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Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

Synonyms for dubious

fraught with uncertainty or doubt

open to doubt or suspicion

not convinced

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I dare say Tarzan of the Apes is watching us all right," he answered, in a dubious tone.
He turned out to be neither count nor exile--at least, in the political sense of the word--but had had to leave his native land owing to some rather dubious affair of the past.
In fact, the world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome dubious eggs called possibilities.
Browning fairly, as we think, in all his various efforts, his aim is to point his readers to the best, the indisputable, rather than to the dubious portions of his author's work.
The Wagambi chief was quite dubious as to the sail, for he had never seen such a contrivance used.
Lynde grumbled about Anne's frequent visits, and declared she would catch consumption; even Marilla was dubious.
The manager looked with a dubious eye at his singular applicant.
It seems clear and fine," said he in a very dubious voice; "but so it did yesterday.
At first, non-committal over Carmack's strike, then, later, dubious, he finally offered Daylight a hundred dollars for his share in the town site.
I 'm afraid it 's too gay," said Polly, with a dubious look.
Now it was a lithe, furtive stoat which shot across the path upon some fell errand of its own; then it was a wild cat which squatted upon the outlying branch of an oak and peeped at the traveller with a yellow and dubious eye.
Marilla was not to be drawn from the safe concrete into dubious paths of the abstract.
He had developed the gambling passion--or else a mere card mania--but at any rate he played heavily, for relaxation, with a lot of dubious hangers on.
Many lusty blows, much more pleasant as well as easy to have seen, than to read or describe, were given on both sides: at last a violent fall, in which Jones had thrown his knees into Thwackum's breast, so weakened the latter, that victory had been no longer dubious, had not Blifil, who had now recovered his strength, again renewed the fight, and by engaging with Jones, given the parson a moment's time to shake his ears, and to regain his breath.
For the next sixty-nine evenings he would be dining in cheviot and worsted at dubious