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tallow mixed with oil

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For those who don't know it's a World War II drama, a bit like The Great Escape with dubbin.
In fact, along with diving and rolling about feigning injury, it is all seen as a bit girlie, a bit like hair pulling, by the lads who can still remember dubbin.
Out in the backyards, those boys picked up boots treated with the protective dubbin that also kept the leather supple.
A cursory look through the programme of that day reveals adverts for Chelsea Dubbin, Chief Whip cigarettes, Lovells' Toffees and appeal by David Morgan to take lunch or tea at the restaurant of their Hayes store.
Dubbin, president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, LLP (Seattle, WA) and Dubbin & Kravetz, LLP (Miami, FL).
Dubbin, Chief Counsel, NHTSA, to Ken Van Scriver, Scriver Corp.
Sam Dubbin, one of the lawyers representing the families said: 'This was about having a reckoning with history
But committee member Murray Dubbin said the committee's action would set a precedent and be inappropriate for other situations.
He is still at an age when he should be cleaning out the dressing-rooms and applying dubbin to David Batty's boots but there is no time for that at Leeds.
She is so laid back about her age she even posed with a tin of dubbin at the Edinburgh Festival.
Tallahassee 2006 Simon Patrick Dray, Miami 2006 Murray Harrington Dubbin, Miami Beach 2006 Robert M.
Extra suppleness and water-proofing is then added by rubbing dubbin - fish oil and animal fat - into the material.
DAVE DUBBIN, after 15 years as sales manager with Niro Ltd, tel:01235 555559, a member of the GEA Group, has been promoted to sales director to take his place on the company's Board of Management.
Friedrich in his Hethitisches W[ddot{o}]rterbuch (HW), such as UMBIN "wheel" for earlier DUBBIN, have not been implemented in the HED.