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Synonyms for duality

Synonyms for duality

being twofold

(physics) the property of matter and electromagnetic radiation that is characterized by the fact that some properties can be explained best by wave theory and others by particle theory

(geometry) the interchangeability of the roles of points and planes in the theorems of projective geometry

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Jain: Generalized (F, [rho])-convexity and duality for non smooth multi-objective programs, Optimization, 31(1994), 153-164.
Mohammad Yazbek, a member of Hizbullah's high council, said that the duality of arms with the Lebanese army gives the country strength, "whether the US likes it or not.
Convexity and generalized convexity play a key role in many aspects of optimization, such as optimality conditions, saddle-point theorems, duality theorems, theorems of alternatives, and convergence of optimization algorithms, so the research on convexity and generalized convexity is one of the important aspects in mathematical programming.
The BOD must also consider giving the new CEO duality (i.
Approaching "Kabnis" as embodying Stepto's "ritual of immersion," Wardi offers her dearest explication of the pastoral's duality, with emphasis on the challenge of accepting the enormous pain of the southern past.
Having landed simultaneous exhibitions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, French artist Bruno Peinado took advantage of the geographical opposition to launch a site-specific investigation of duality, reflection, and inversion.
Valentinus dabbled in a divine world of "Fullness" ("Pleroma"), with a basic male-female duality of the Ineffable and Silence, producing more pairs down to the first Ogdoad, in turn spawning more down to the final thirty "Aeons of the Pleroma," the youngest and feeblest being Sophia (Wisdom) from whose frailty there emerged both creation and creator, with human souls clothed in flesh, divided into three classes until the heavenly Jesus sends down the earthly Christ to instruct them in real wisdom that they may return to their true celestial home.
This creates a situation of duality between Faith and Fear.
The text is sectioned into two parts: "Transparent Ancestry" and "Living Ancient"; and both parts are self-aware of the poet's intention--to illustrate the struggle of cultural duality.
Darling clearly explains the complex fundamentals of that discipline, such as the duality of light as both wave and particle, the effects of measurement on particle states, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and the notion of entanglement.
From a symbolic perspective, America can be viewed as the first nation to attempt reconciliation of the duality symbols of alignment and the differentiation under the common roof of one culture.
Ensure that timely duality health care services are provided to service-connected disabled veterans.
This universal duality comes down to such Buddhist verities as "black is best seen in the presence of white" or "day can not exist without night.
The listener feels Morrison's intimacy with her art and accepts the duality of novel and narration as what it is--art.
Reflecting on the essence of social work brings its duality as a profession concerned with both individual and community well-being sharply into focus (Albers, 2001; Weick, 2001).