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the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and evil

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However, instead of simply converting Forster into another Derrida, this interdisciplinary study aims more to emphasize that, being rooted in their common response to the differing and dying aspect of reality, the striking correspondences between the novelist and the "philosopher" should never be dismissed as something coincidental or inconsequential, but are compelling evidence that, at its bottom, our experiential world is never founded dualistically on any substantial presence or absence, but on some alterity or groundless ground.
In short: there is a huge difference between knowing something dualistically (symbolically, as an object), however intimately, and, Non-Dualistically, by being it.
Therefore, the current paper introduces a framework for dualistically analyzing social action within organizations.
Masutani argues that to answer "what the human should do and should not do" dualistically is a task of ethics, and to consider karma non-dualistically is a unique approach in Buddhism.
Anarchy boasts arrow speeds up to 340 fps, a feat achieved dualistically through the new Flat Top Cam and the Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs.
God is also perceived hierarchically and dualistically, as is the God-world-human relationship.
African' memory does not conjure up experience dualistically, as 'an insurmountable demarcation between reality and illusion and magic'" (p.
The colonial world creates and perpetuates a collective inferiority complex among its colonized subjects; thus, European cultural imperialism and internalized inferiority become the dualistically defining characteristic of the colonized subject's lived experience.
This relationship, however, can be understood less dualistically.
A culture's understanding operates insofar as its people are able to neatly split existence dualistically.
singular, controlling, and dualistically oriented, the dialogical person
In relation to outdoor environmental education, wilderness extends into two aspects: wilderness to be technologically conquered; and wilderness to be worshiped as the dualistically contraposed antipode of the industrial urban (Cameron, 2001; Cronon, 1996).
In each shape, however, consciousness attempts to apprehend its relationship to its object dualistically, positing the separation of itself from its object, essence from appearance, form from content--and treating such dichotomies as fixed, oppositional extremes that separate fundamentally different substances or worlds.
The jobs given to Mark and Jane also dualistically illustrate the theme of clarity versus confusion; they are both given work concerning news, Jane telling of her true visions and Mark writing news articles concerning events that have not yet taken place.