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of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of dualism


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In other words, there is an attempt to foreground dualistic systems by downplaying the role of sex and sexuality in Irigaray's ethics.
In particular, the appeal to quantum models of consciousness is a thought-provoking defense of dualistic interactionism.
Unfortunately, the dualistic tendency to go to war with the lower parts of ourselves characteristically leads to the sanctioning of wickedness and destruction in the name of higher things.
At the dualistic level, he says, religion "is largely incapable of its supreme task of healing, reconciling, forgiving and peacemaking.
While his arguments are well laid out in his customary way, his idea that a pagan concept of medicine can be readily adopted into a Christian way of life without resultant tensions with that way of life, exposes his own unacknowledged dualistic tendencies.
Thalbourne suggests that the ESP and PK separation also assumes a dualistic stance on the philosophy of mind.
First, Zen calls into question the binary thinking and dualistic mode of experience that is characteristic of most ideologies.
He argues that in discussing the concept of a person, there are similarities in many African cultures, in that people usually go beyond the dualistic Cartesian categories of mind and body.
The technology is a good active learning tool for today's freshmen, who are at the dualistic stage of cognitive development and enjoy using technology to learn.
Exclusion implies a dualistic framework that undermines interfaith work.
Abrams contends that certain nineteenth-century writers carved out ideological spaces between these dominant ideas of landscape, thus challenging dualistic representations.
He says this can be explained by the"extremely dualistic nature of the Indian economy".
com/poolecho "Hex// Light DiVision is a science fiction ritual conducted by a dynasty of dualistic ManMachines called Dyads.
Mandaeans are an ethno-religious community, practicing Mandaeism, which is a Gnostic religion with a strongly dualistic worldview.
Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfillment.