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of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of dualism


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Song inserts a corollary though: strong labor unions can impede this broad-based reform and indirectly support a similar dualistic outcome.
Yet perhaps greater attention to the problematical concept of the dual economy would have served to deepen the analysis and demonstrate the ways in which the dualistic structure has been transformed and modified over a period of some 150 years.
In this paper, we will present Theorems 1, 2, and 3 in dualistic partial metric spaces.
For the sake of this article, I present aspects of the dualistic worldview evident among evangelicals in Ethiopia under four headings, regarding attitudes toward (1) creation and material reality, (2) work, (3) society, and (4) spirituality.
George Corbett's book, Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfilment, sounds a call to reappraise Dante's Commedia in dualistic terms.
Thomas; "Self-silencing, Perfectionism, Loss of Control, Dualistic Discourse, and the Experience of Premenstrual Syndrome," by Joan C.
And Coale does pursue relevant thematic and argumentative continuities from chapter to chapter, highlighting in particular the dualistic approaches that Hawthorne's critics and biographers have tended to favor from the first reviews onward.
Our modern Western health care system evolved in response to this dualistic model.
The Spanish author describes political institutions at the national level, including the duties performed by the symbolic monarchy, then addresses the regional decentralization allowed under the Estado de las Autonomias, the dualistic structure of the court system, and the numerous fundamental rights defined in the Constitution.
It critically looks at historic and current dualistic approaches to nature.
ISLAMABAD -- Residents of federal capital have protested against dualistic policy of Capital Development Authority (CDA) in regard of non-provision of basic facilities in some particular sectors.
This term was introduced for the first time in 1818 by Heinroth and it reflects the dualistic concept about human being and the relationship between somatic and psychic.
since God defies all dualistic and non-dualistic modes of perception, cognition and symbolic expression He/She/It is a Supreme Paradox and therefore can be best (however, still quite inadequately) expressed in paradoxes, and best (however, still quite inadequately) experienced in Oneness, in Silence, i.
Only practitioners of Tantrism, in Irigaray's view, incorporate sexuality into their meditation practices in order to create a dualistic self that affirms both the individual self and relational self while maintaining the difference between the two.
Nelson preserves this familiar dualistic analytical framework of comparison for considering how the law operated during the formative period from the English settlement at Jamestown to the Restoration of the English monarchy.