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an adherent of dualism

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Following on from this, the point of post-dualism is not to argue for one against the other, but to reframe social analysis in such a way that dualist questions no longer sound sensible.
There is need to unravel further the meaning of the difference in value commitment between the relativist and dualist groups.
That value is associated, rather, with a dualist position-one that regards both the spiritual and the temporal as independently valuable.
One way or the other the Dualist must shake confidence in this basic intuition, that qualia are causally efficacious, while retaining the special place accorded to the intuitions underlying the conceivability argument.
He wasn't a dualist, and he argued that the soul died with the body.
To avoid the objectification and oppression of both Self and "Other" that usually results from dualist perception, Johnson seeks new "ways of seeing" (Being 4), or "deeper clarification of what we think we already know" (Being ix), for his readers.
She adopted the comic role of the trickster and verbal dualist, the uncorrect, wanton, offensive, and unapologetic person.
Mair's main contribution is to set Western dualist thinking against the Japanese way of thinking.
51) Efforts to collapse this dualist structure into its majoritarian pole are, then, simply misconceived.
Concentrating on the first instance, it is said that the chief characteristic of the victims of al-Mahdi's inquisition was their presumed advocacy of Manichaean dualist tendencies instead of the strict monotheism of Islam.
It covers the same questions concerning the role of subcontracting, the same theoretical base including Marxian and Liberal dualist and also cultural debates, dealing with both motor vehicles and electronics sectors in very considerable depth and affording a historical account of evolving relations in Japan.
Modern theory is deemed only to have achieved a palace coup by inverting power relations and situating the female on the active side of the divide; it has not broken free of the dualist discourse (Chapters 4 and 5).
Heller considers three possibilities: dualist substantivalism, monistic substantivalism and relationalism.
In a fresh campaign this season, the iconic brand is re-establishing ties with innovative musicians across the world, and it comes as no surprise that Delhibased musician Sahej Bakshi of Dualist Inquiry fame is leading the pack with his groovy tunes and enviable style.
Eleven contributions by political scientists are sandwiched between the editors' introductory and concluding essays, which look beyond dualist social science and invite political creativity.