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an adherent of dualism

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The typical substance dualist answer is that the soul is one's essential set of capacities, and what matters for one's personal identity is that one's essential set of capacities remain the same.
Although not all of these thinkers were dualists, the brunt of psychical research focused on the possibility of the proving via experience the existence of a nonphysical component of the human being, a component that could survive death.
In the philosophy of mind, dualists violate the principle of continuity (how did an entirely new kind of actuality spring into existence?
15) Instead of dualist oppositions (rural/urban, elites/common people), Pinol suggests a differentiated picture of social trajectories, depending on the importance of the place of birth, on the degree of intermixture of lodgings and urban settings where migrants settled themselves.
Mayo's past in my own Humanism studies, I tell the story here, in a sequence of dualisms, of More the critic whose ideals were entirely antithetical to modern literature, and of More the unreconstructed Platonic dualist who analyzed Proust in terms of a dualism of "law" versus "nature" (nomos versus physis), but who took no interest in Proust's search for personal endurance in an analogically "Platonic" dualism of being versus becoming, and who likewise disregarded Bergson's dualism of spirit versus matter, upon which Proust's is based.
Were they connected with allegedly heretical, ostensibly dualist phenomena in Balkan Christendom--the Bulgarian Bogomils and the mysterious Bosnian Church?
What the two have most in common is a dualist outlook and an understanding of how power is exerted in the world, which is to say that they share a belief in the vast potential power of evil.
The dualist Plato found it hard to comprehend that spirit could be bound to flesh, reasoning that such entrapment violated the very nature of spirit.
I've been afraid Donna Haraway might some day receive a parcel from that unreconstructed dualist.
In the thirteenth dialogue of the Corpus Hermeticum, the mystery of a this-worldly rebirth is associated with a similar kind of experience, and the dualist ascesis of other tractates (notably the first, fourth, and seventh) is developed into what might be described as an embryonic instrumental skepticism - instrumental because its purpose is to prepare for a revelation which will efface all ignorance and doubt.
But his argument that the American Constitution is dualist rather than rights foundationalist depends importantly upon a contrast that he draws between the American Constitution and the German Basic Law with respect to entrenchment of constitutional provisions against subsequent amendment.
The dualist strain in mediaeval thought which gives soul primacy over body is counteracted by a tendency, increasingly evident from the thirteenth century onwards, to see soul and body as inseparable constituents of personhood, their reunion being the essential precondition of heavenly bliss.
Starting with Dualist Inquiry and Nucleya on May 2 ( Friday), musicians/ bands such as Parikrama, Midival Punditz and Them Clones will perform across select NCR venues till May 10.
She examines the origins of phallocentric metaphysics and links it to numerous other debates about free-will, the division of mind and body, dualist vs.
Ward's arguments come close to a classic dualist understanding of mind, which seems almost a necessity when an author even acknowledges the existence of any sort of interior mental life.