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the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and evil

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I am very unsure how this particular matter might be resolved - partly because a consensual resolution of what labour process theory might be would require consensus on the use of a dualism (labour process analysis/other forms of analysis) as well as the practices that are deemed to follow from a 'labour process' position.
In his final section Lund sets out to show only that the difficulties confronting interactionist dualism are not insurmountable, rather than to offer a comprehensive defence of it.
Readers familiar with general semantics will appreciate Damasio's thesis for several reasons, especially its rejection of Cartesian dualism.
Recognizing the civilian/military dualism overlaying the study of military affairs, Soeters explored multinational peacekeeping operations, where the inherent contradictions and tensions are not only a ripe source for research but also predisposed to deeper implications.
Adverting in a final appendix to two primary schools of Cartesian scholarship, one focusing on Descartes the metaphysician (substance dualism, proofs for God, and the like) and the other on Descartes as "principally concerned with mathematical physics and a distinctly modern conception of the self," Hassing himself belongs unabashedly to the latter (minority) camp.
Throughout the book, author Markus Cerman argues that more recent empirical studies--particularly those that give a voice to East Elbian peasants--demonstrate that the conceptualization of the rural economic history of the region as half of a European, agrarian dualism, which was characterized by a second serfdom in the east, is a myth originating in economic conceptualizations of the Verein fur Socialpolitik, particularly that of Georg Friedrich Knapp.
Recommendations for the Korean economy offered in the report included innovation and structural reform to raise productivity, and labor market reform to promote job creation and address dualism between vulnerable nonregular positions and overprotected regular positions.
He eschews the mind-body dichotomy promoted from Descartes forward and supplants mind-brain dualism with a duality between mind and appearance and relativizes dualism itself to the point of transforming it.
Furthermore, it is precisely this hybrid nature of a simultaneously positive and negative Epicurus that lays the groundwork for Corbett's arguments in favor of Dante's ever-present dualism, not only in the prose works, but also in the Commedia.
But Richards does not see this, and accuses Szasz himself of dualism.
She published an article in Feminist Studies, "White Women/Black Women: The Dualism of Female Identity and Experience in the United States," Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 1983).
Social reconstruction learning; dualism, Dewey and philosophy in schools.
Ian Bent starts with a translation of, and commentary on, "The Problem of Harmonic Dualism.
While the chronicles of Tolkien and Lewis are used to elucidate these concepts, the integrative dualism of Charles Taliaferro is given as philosophical warrant.
about this, who recounts her compelling scholarly and personal odyssey into the complementary worldview at the heart of contemporary Andean shamanism in her most recent book, Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru.