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English writer of melodramatic novels (1907-1989)

English writer and illustrator

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I am not an ardent admirer of the book, but when Mr du Maurier became melodramatic he, at least, invested his melodrama with a distinct sense of proportion and some grace of style, and his heroine had a strong, womanly personality--unselfish, unspoiled, for all her sins (the stage Trilby has never a stain on her character, by the way).
Willmore said, "I have had a long interest in Daphne du Maurier and I collect examples of her work from old magazines or journals in the UK or America.
Yet, the medieval image of the mythic Jew-devil who is never actually-encountered in real life had so persisted and was so deeply lodged in the collective folklore of European Christendom that it did not take too great a leap of imagination for Du Maurier to transform one of his best friends into the demonic Jew.
SINCE DANCE does not enjoy as high a profile in Canada as theater or music, it has rarely attracted the kind of du Maurier money enjoyed by Toronto's World Stage Theatre Festival or Winnipeg's New Music Festival.
Although there is no evidence that du Maurier used Othello as a direct model for her novel, it is obvious that the play affected her, perhaps suggesting some character models for her novel, while other Gothic elements do exist independently in Rebecca.
In Auerbach's hands, du Maurier emerges as a unique and complex writer whose mature works proved so disturbing that they've either been ignored or distorted beyond recognition.
Kane will try to outdistance 144 golfers, including Meg Mallon, the winner of 2000 du Maurier Classic, which was canceled after last year's event and replaced by the Open as the one Canadian stop on the LPGA tour.
DU MAURIER'S CLASSIC WORTH RETELLING OVER THE YEARS Jamaica Inn was written by English novelist |Daphne Du Maurier (above) in 1936 It was a drama about murderous wreckers |luring ships on to rocks off the Cornish coast The real Jamaica Inn still stands on Bodmin |Moor in Cornwall The plot was set in Cornwall in 1820 | The book was made into a film in 1939 by |acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock The film starred Charles Laughton and |Maureen O'Hara Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan also starred |in a remake of Jamaica Inn alongside Trevor Eve and Jane Seymour (left)
REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier is the book that changed my life.
The Scapegoat (ITV1 Wales, tonight, 9pm)[bar] Rebecca, The Birds, Don't Look Now - the works of author Daphne Du Maurier have made for some great thrillers, and ITV will be hoping that The Scapegoat is no exception.
The novelist Angela du Maurier, older sister of Dame Daphne du Maurier, is said to have spent time at Torosay.
classics TRILBY George du Maurier Everybody knows Daphne Du Maurier could write a bit.
This is the Daphne du Maurier story of deceit, manipulation and infatuation, with murder at its heart and the chances of a second murder looming large.
A PUB made famous in the Daphne du Maurier novel Jamaica Inn has been fined pounds 7,000 for poor hygiene.
Jan wowed the audience with her knowledge of Daphne du Maurier, beating poet Benjamin Zephaniah, comic Adrian Edmondson and news presenter Bill Turnbull and equalling the top celebrity score of 32 in the process.