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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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In the mid-1970s Darle Miller and his father entered the drywall construction business.
which included the demolition of the existing bathrooms and the addition of new drywall partitions, acoustical ceilings, flooring, doors, toilet fixtures and partitions.
But using pulverized drywall offers the added advantage of not contributing to landfills, White says.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in drywall, plaster work, and building insulation work.
None of the states we have mentioned have disclosure laws related to toxic Chinese drywall for home buyers, which to us is astonishing since it is well documented that the gasses be emitted by toxic Chinese drywall are strong enough to eat holes in a copper air conditioning coil.
So it should come as no surprise that, even as hard science on the problem drywall remains scarce to nonexistent, the lawsuits have been f lying since reports began surfacing in late 2008.
It is less than 1% greater than the cost of an average Manhattan apartment compared to standard drywall construction as studies by the New York Lath & Plaster Institute have shown.
They are designed specifically to fit the heads of screws - Phillips heads - used in drywall and decking applications.
NEW ORLEANS -- Baron and Budd shareholder Bruce Steckler was part of the team that helped negotiate a landmark Chinese drywall settlement with KNAUF Plasterboard Tianjin (KPT), one of the largest manufacturers in the Chinese drywall litigation.
CertainTeed Ceilings is making it easier for building professionals to specify all their ceilings and grid needs from a single source with the addition of Drywall Grid.
Building Consultants resulting in positive identification of drywall made in China and evidence of the typical corrosion effects from off-gassing of the defective drywall.
Charlie Crist declare a state of emergency over the toxic Chinese drywall that has tarnished the homes of many of its residents.
How did one of Wisconsin's largest home builders get named Environmentalist of the Year, keep 1,250 cubic yards (approx 624,000 pounds) of gypsum drywall out of landfills after less than a year, build soils and have the partnership of state regulatory authorities in this new recycling program?
More than 45 architects, contractors and facilities managers attended the opening session for a program focusing on abuse resistant drywall and mold resistant construction techniques.
NEW ORLEANS -- Baron and Budd shareholder Bruce Steckler made an announcement today on behalf on the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee (PSC) for the Chinese Drywall litigation.