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Synonyms for dryly

in a dry laconic manner

References in classic literature ?
Monsieur," said Athos, dryly, "I have never had, as you have, the advantage of treating with Cromwell; and I have only seen his charges d'affaires sword in hand, I am therefore ignorant of how he treated with prime ministers.
said Mr Usher dryly, and handing across another scrap of newspaper.
I am sorry I have given you a shock," he said dryly.
Not to say a reformed character," said our pursuer dryly.
You mean you don't want other people's bad opinion of your work," answered Clutton dryly.
I don't think so, Ferdishenko; please be quiet," answered Nastasia Philipovna dryly.
said Prince Andrew dryly, raising his voice to the pitch which indicates that patience is exhausted.
Your friends of last evening, no doubt, monsieur," remarked Kadour ben Saden dryly to Tarzan.
Perhaps," the Duchess said dryly, "you would like him to take a fancy to Grace?
I fancy you need a lesson or two in inserting fuses," Sheldon remarked dryly.
If I had been an old woman," he thought in his dryly humorous way, "I believe I should have been like Mrs.
I am delighted to find that we agree on one point," he rejoined, dryly.
Sir Joseph answered rather dryly that it was settled.
Darya Alexandrovna," he said dryly, "I appreciate your confidence in me; I believe you are making a mistake.
Figure 2 shows a list of possible ingredients of friction-pads in dryly coupler friction pads (Severin et al.