drying oil

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an oil that hardens in air due to oxidation and is often used as a paint or varnish base

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To overcome this drawback, long drying oil alkyd resin was added to the mixture to stop the cracking of the film.
Slower drying oils and lower drier/accelerator levels may lengthen cure to four to seven days.
Among the oils that are exploited as drying oils due to their carbon-carbon double bond functionality, linseed and tung are the most significant.
Inside, the jagged brown seeds carry enzymes that may be able to convert soybean oil into a good drying oil for varnishes and coatings.
4% by weight of a corrosion inhibitor; 0-10% by weight of an antifreeze agent; 0-50% by weight of an inorganic filler; and 10-45% by weight of a propellant; wherein the marking composition lacks or contains only trace amounts of an alkyd-based drying oil, polyvinylpyrrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol or a combination thereof; and wherein the mark formed by the marking composition is removable from the surface by rubbing with a dry cloth, or washing with water, or both.
The polish remover combines acetone (92%) with natural drying oils including apricot seed, flax seed and parilla oils.
Thirty-four chapters address such topics as exterior durability, adhesion, polyester resins, drying oils, silicon derivatives, pigment dispersion, and powder coatings.