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This large condenser, in combination with minimal dryers going directly to condenser, results in a very good vacuum.
Laundries can virtually eliminate the risk of dryer fires caused by spontaneous combustion with S.
Proven to be the best performing dryers for the most sensitive applications, the Balston Smart Dryer Membrane Air Dryers offer lower operating costs and better performance than both non-cycling and cycling refrigerant air dryers and eliminate downtime and costly repairs resulting from dirty, wet compressed air supplies.
QUARTZ HILL - When Chris Dryer set out to get rid of a dying Arizona cypress tree in his back yard, he decided it needed a better end than firewood.
The Cord-Keeper hair dryers offered by Conair come with retractable power chords to reduce the space needed for storage.
position dryers near the washer extractors, but be sure they don't interfere with sorting, loading, or unloading.
Freeze dryers sublimate samples in three steps: freezing, primary drying and secondary drying.
c) In both tumble dryers and washer dryer combinations
ITW/BCK electric infrared/forced-air mold wash dryers are designed for rapid drying of water-based refractory coatings on sand molds.
A SHOCK new report on hygiene out this week is set to point the finger at potentially-lethal hand dryers.
The energy efficiency of electric dryers is increased by moisture sensors - highly sensitive beat monitors attached to the inside of the drum.
For consumers lacking the space or ambition to hang up their laundry to dry, mechanical clothes dryers are a must.
At the 2008 International Builders' Show (IBS)[R] Hydromatic Technologies Corporation will launch a new technology for clothes dryers that will reduce the appliance's energy consumption up to 50 percent and cuts clothes-drying time by up to 41 percent.
We were told we would be contacted within five weeks due to the number of dryers requiring the modification.
Our technology has the capability to use less heat than vented dryers.