dry-wood termite

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any of various termites that live in and feed on dry wood that is not connected with the soil

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The effects of humidity, temperature and acclimation on the feeding, water balance and reproduction of dry-wood termites (Cryptotermes).
Dry-wood termites do not multiply as rapidly as subterranean ones and have some differences in colony life and habits.
The dry-wood termites of the genus Cryptotermes sp.
Eucalyptus grandis wood has been classified as having low to moderate natural durability to dry-wood termites attack (IPT, 2016; SILVA et al.
According to the F-test result, the means of the different treatments were not statistically different, indicating that the effect of the thermal modification process on Eucalyptus grandis wood resistance to dry-wood termites attack was nil.
Also noteworthy is the 100% termites mortality for pine wood, suggesting that this wood species is not part of the normal diet of dry-wood termites evaluated.
Dry-wood termites were not able to make holes in pine wood, while the number of holes in the treatment at 180[degrees]C was the highest (10 holes).
According to the method used (IPT, 1980), less worn specimens get lower grades, so the lower the mean score of grades (Table 2), the lower the wear caused by dry-wood termites attack.
2006), who found that even at 200[degrees]C, the effect of thermal modification was nil on the resistance of Eucalyptus grandis wood to dry-wood termites attack.