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construct with drywall

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Boston Barricade Company is the largest sustainable modular construction barricade company in North America, providing a green alternative to standard dry-wall enclosures.
In the trading category construction materials firm Alumet Solutions stood out with their design for the light-weight, highly-insulating Avon Dry-Wall Beam.
A six-foot-deep pit contained chunks of concrete, broken dry-wall pieces and asphalt.
According to his family, he was crossing the canyon to seek work in the dry-wall trade in Tucson.
Shindler, a dry-wall finisher who grew up in Scio, now lives in Albany.
Assemble screen on the ground, securing it with 1 5/8-inch-long dry-wall screws.
For corporate space, mid-1998 interior build-out costs averaged $60 per SF or all "hard costs" (including power and lighting, electric, dry-wall, carpentry, HVAC, fire protection and carpet, but excluding furniture).
This per-SF number takes into account all "hard costs," including power and lighting electric, dry-wall, carpentry.
Around this, the perimeter is lined with sound insulating dry-wall, douglas fir screens conceal circulation, storage and ancillary spaces, and two bedrooms are located within steel huts that replicate the former shoe factory's silhouette above.