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a fly (fisherman's lure) that skims the surface of the water

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Dry-fly fishing dictates that you start at the bottom of the pool and work your way up.
As they were tackling up, he gave each an olive dry-fly which he had dressed himself and the lads were really keen to try them out.
I, as manager of the Welsh Youth Team, had booked Talyllyn for that particular weekend, hoping it would coincide with the hatch of the olives so that the group could experience the best of dry-fly fishing.
I bet you couldn't have better dry-fly fishing right now anywhere west of the Rockies," Daughters said.
In the high country, rivers run clearer and days are hotter in summer; when fall colors come out, so do more dry-fly fishers.
3--Color) Streamer flies, such as a spruce, from top, and a Hornberg, mimic baitfish, and dwarf dry-fly insect patterns like the blue-winged olive.
It's what I wanted to hear, because I'm a dry-fly fisher from way back.
To set the hook, he recommends initiating a back cast, which in nymphing is a fairly firm, quick motion, as opposed to a delayed set typical of dry-fly fishing.
The first orders of business were finding the bear box, then hooking up our lines with half-filled clear bobbers and dry-fly patterns.
The casts from my partner's 5-weight dry-fly setup, with a 9-foot, 4-pound-test leader, were short.
But come May and June, when the giant salmonfly and golden stonefly hatches are in full bloom, dry-fly specialists from around the region are drawn like magnets to try their hands at the crimson, football-shaped trout so famous that the mascot of Wasco County High School here is the Redsides.