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a large dock from which water can be pumped out

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Philippe Berterottiere, chairman and CEO of GTT said, With a world fleet of more than 250 LNG carriers in service, and more than 70% equipped with GTT membrane containment systems, we are involved in partnering and approving dry-dock shipyards who guarantee a high quality of service during dry-docks .
At Norwegian Sun's two interim dry-docks, we only applied a total of 600 liters of Intersleek.
Bin Sulayem said the company currently has three dry-docks in Indonesia and two in Singapore, all of which are fully booked for the next two years.
3 million square-feet of waterfront space, which includes 6 dry-docks and 5 shipping piers, has a phenomenally high occupancy rate of nearly 95 percent.
Such factors include general business, economic and weather conditions which may impact passenger yields and occupancy and the demand for the Company's products; unscheduled repairs and dry-docking of the Company's vessels; delays or the inability to enter into definitive construction agreements on commercially reasonable terms; construction delays and/or cost overruns during regularly scheduled lay-ups and/or dry-docks or in connection with the construction of new vessels; successful completion of expansion plans, including the construction of new vessels; the impact of changes and/or repeal of laws and implementation of government regulations, and other factors which are described in further detail in American Classic Voyages' filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.