dry season

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one of the two seasons in tropical climates

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Aside from the increasing intensity of monsoon rains, Filipinos should also be prepared for another extreme weather event -- the long dry season.
Reviewing Dry Season for The Journal, Claire Malcolm described it as "an upmarket beach read with a heart of darkness".
During the past 16 years, the dry season in Jamaica has become both increasingly severe and unpredictable, leading to an 11 percent drop in total rainfall during the three-month annual drought.
Also total dowered solid (TDS) was higher in dry season than rainy season for probably for same reason as above.
Field studies conducted on the possibility of harvesting and pumping this water for use during the dry season in Lebanon were conducted by Bassil's ministry.
Artaxo points out that the longer dry season may be a natural fluctuation -- or it may be a reflection of global climate change.
For the first time in over 20 years, the people no longer need to migrate to the lake, 20 km away, to water their livestock during the dry season.
In the wet season we found a greater total number of active mounds (n = 388) than in the dry season (n = 197) ([chi square] = 62.
The 26-week study period spanned two terms - one in the country's dry season and one in the wet season.
For a decade scientists had been puzzled by the apparent "greening up" of the Amazon forest during its annual dry season.
So the trees avoid investing phosphorus in building new leaves and instead hang onto their leaves throughout the dry season.
For so many years during the dry season we have faced difficulties in finding drinking water when the river was dry," he said.
Nowadays the headland is popular with tourists and backpackers during the dry season between July and November, and is used as a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.