dry season

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one of the two seasons in tropical climates

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March until May is the usual dry season in the western Philippines, which includes the Ilocos region, Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Metro Manila and Western Visayas.
But some farmers have produced yields of as much as 250 to 300 cavans a hectare during the dry season cropping.
Tabada said that once the northeast monsoon weakens, they could finally declare the dry season.
Carbon-based leaf defenses such as leaf sclerophylly and tannin also can vary between seasons, and are higher in evergreen trees in the dry season (Janzen and Waterman, 1984; Dirzo and Boege, 2008; Gotsch et al.
In the wet season we found a greater total number of active mounds (n = 388) than in the dry season (n = 197) ([chi square] = 62.
They found lower absenteeism in the schools that received the free clean water - however this association was only seen in the dry season.
Work at Swansea University however has shown the Amazon is not as green in the dry season as previously thought.
The second frequently browsed species in dry season were Lantana camara (15.
The dry season lasts from November-April, and the wet season reaches a peak during September-October.
The average estimated sodium intake from drinking water in the dry season was about 10 times higher than that in the rainy season.
While in Brazil, he lived on a plantation close to a backwater town almost identical to S[sz]o Tiago, where much of the action in his debut novel, Dry Season, is set.
Inspection of the values of the temperature of the water sample showed that rainy season temperatures of Ekulu River were higher than dry season ones.
They concluded that, after controlling for phylogenetic effects, seasonal breeding was significantly related to the annual amount of precipitation at a site, but not to the duration of the dry season.
Water and Energy Minister Gibran Bassil dove 30 meters under sea water to check fresh water fountains which could be used as a vital source during dry season in Lebanon.