dry rot

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a crumbling and drying of timber or bulbs or potatoes or fruit caused by a fungus

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a fungus causing dry rot

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It has been used for about 20 years and is the only fungicide approved for postharvest treatment of dry rot.
Due to the nature of the materials, design and installation of Quickflash products, they have tested to be extremely successful in stopping leaks and keeping out moisture - a condition which can lead to toxic mold, dry rot and other problems.
It's common because it's often found in wood that's too wet for wet rot or dry rot.
It does seem extraordinary that someone who represents a constituency in Luton should be claiming for her dry rot to be repaired in Southampton.
In your case, the survey report should confirm the dry rot has been treated.
The old Victorian organ it replaced had to be demolished because of dry rot in the roof above it.
The desert sun will dry rot the hoses faster if they're left exposed to the sun.
More than pounds 80, 000 is to be spent on the roof and getting rid of dry rot.
There are two women's bouts on the undercard of tonight's Lennox Lewis-Vitali Klitschko heavyweight fight, and in truth I would rather watch dry rot take hold of the patio deck.
The office, which Tri-National claims it is renting, is an abandoned shack filled with bullet holes and a floor that has fallen through to the ground from dry rot.
The congregation moved to its present location, formerly Meltham Baptist Church Sunday School, after the old chapel was demolished in 1967 following problems with dry rot.
Wet rot is bad, but dry rot is potentially catastrophic.
Peter Fall examines the problem of dry rot, which loves the warm, wet weather.
AN ex-Labour MP who claimed pounds 20,000 for dry rot may be charged with fiddling expenses, it emerged yesterday.
The Property Ladder host is working on a new series and wants to hear from anyone who is looking to save a property but has discovered anything from damp or dry rot to infestations and cracked walls as a stumbling block.