dry rot

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a crumbling and drying of timber or bulbs or potatoes or fruit caused by a fungus

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a fungus causing dry rot

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These two buildings will be demolished before diagnostics on research materials containing asbestos with () destructive surveys, lead, termites and dry rot.
They were conducted in September 2013 when officials spotted a number of signs of suspected dry rot.
This includes a property questionnaire which has questions as to whether specialist work such as dry rot treatment has been done and whether there are guarantees.
If a particular occurrence results in loss or damage by "fungus", wet or dry rot or bacteria; and other loss or damage, we will not pay more, for the total of all loss or damage, than the applicable Limit of Insurance on the affected Covered Property.
But Cecil Moss, a former warden of the synagogue said it was still suffering from dry rot.
The desert sun will dry rot the hoses faster if they're left exposed to the sun.
Make sure that the wood underneath has been fully inspected and there's no dry rot or termite problems,'' said Kornish.
CCA protects wood from dry rot, fungi, moulds, termites, and other pests that can threaten the integrity of wood products.
He produced a detailed house buyers' report and valuation which stated: "We found no evidence of woodworm, dry rot or other timber defects.
Toxic Mold, Dry Rot and Other Moisture-Related Problems
Contract notice: Contracts regional diagnostic framework asbestos, lead, dry rot, .
Call in the specialists If you suspect wet or dry rot in your home contact a specialist firm that is a member of the Property Care Association.
We glibly talk about dry rot and wet rot but they are just the tip of the fungal attack problem.
Her dubious claims include pounds 22,500 to fix dry rot and pounds 14,805 for emergency repairs, a court heard.