dry mop

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a dry swab for dusting floors

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Dry mop hard surface floors with an electrostatic mop.
The cleaner only did the middle of the ward with a dry mop - she never pulled a bed out or cleaned the skirting boards.
The Swiffer Sweeper" system, launched in July 1999, featured a dry mop cloth and spunlaced hand cloth for dry household cleaning.
Tenders are invited for Eze Clean 75 Cm Wet And Dry Mop Stick With Woolen Fiver Brush And Also One Extra Woolen Fiver Brush.
Run a dry mop over the floor in line with the boards, not against the grain.
Take a tip from the professionals and invest in a wide-headed dry mop.
Tenders are invited for Wet And Dry Mop, Ms Powder Coated Base Plate Approximately 500Mm Lenght, 120Mm Breadth With Flexible Handle Made Of Aluminium Or Ms Powder Coated Of Size 1400Mm Length And 20Mm Dia With Rayon And Cotton Mixed Mop Refill Size 500Mm.
According to market research, two-thirds of Americans either do not clean or only dry mop their hardwood floors.
These versatile mops are used with the Bona cleaners or to dry mop, attracting dirt, pet hair, microparticles and common household allergens.
Once the water has been stopped, homeowners can then begin using a shop-vac wet-dry vacuum or a dry mop to remove as much water as possible.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Eze Clean Wet And Dry Mop With Synthetic Insert 75 Cm.
Good brooms, oiled or dry mops, floor brushes, a mop pail with an attached wringer and a real scrubbing mop.
Convenience -- Consumers are grabbing up products such as dust mitts, electrostatic dry mops and all-in-one mopping units that offer time savings and convenience.
Today's cleaning products, from antibacterial and disinfectant wipes and single use scrubbing pads, to electro-static dry mops and dust mitts, are designed for people who may only have a few minutes each day to clean.