dry kiln

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a kiln for drying and seasoning lumber

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Installed in September, the continuous dry kiln is the first of its kind in eastern Canada.
In this analysis, nine sawmills had dry kilns served by wood-fired boilers, one had a dry kiln served by a natural gas--fired boiler, and the remaining sawmill air-dried its products.
Average dry kiln schedules times were 72, 64, and 60 hours for CV antistain, 6 hours HTCV, and 10 hours HTCV, respectively.
One part of the mill was spared, along with a lot of equipment, that included edgers, trimmers, a planer, dry kiln, sorter and stacker.
The single dry kiln Fairborn cement plant has an annual capacity of about 750,000 tons.
The 22-month construction project, which will replace three wet kilns with a more efficient dry kiln, will increase plant production 70 percent to make 1.
The number of employees is expected to reach 100 when a dry kiln is added to the plant within the coming year.
Proceedings, Western Dry Kiln Association, May 20-22, 1987, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; Kozlik-Vandeventer, Inc.
The original plant was a single, long dry kiln operation with a second long dry kiln of equal size commissioned in 1968.
Editor's note: This is the first in a series of three articles that focuses on how to avoid wasting energy in the dry kiln process.
The wood is ready for use in less than 40 hours, much less than the 6-7 weeks a traditional dry kiln operator can promise.
In: Proceedings of Western Dry Kiln Clubs, 24th Annual Meeting, May 10-11, 1973, Vancouver, British Columbia; Western Dry Kiln Clubs, Corvallis, Oregon.
will contribute the Ostrom Siding sawmill to the new company, while Domtar will contribute a dry kiln and its stud planing line at Nairn Centre.
He worked at Weyerhaeuser as a dry kiln operator for many years until his retirement.
In this project we investigated the impact of alternative dry kiln schedules on the grade yields and defect occurrence in lumber sawn from small- diameter (logs with small-end diameters of 11 inches or less) black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.