dry ice

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solidified carbon dioxide

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3 mm to snow dry ice particles, and while they provide a greater flux density, they provide a less aggressive cleaning.
The alley where the explosion took place was covered in a thick fog caused by the dry ice.
LAX dry ice bottle bomber arrested An airport employee was arrested Tuesday Oct.
There was no immediate word where the dry ice was found or whether there was any significant damage, AP reported.
suspected a role for dry ice in forming linear gullies, so she bought some slabs of dry ice at a supermarket and slid them down sand dunes.
Now I dream of snowboarding down a Martian sand dune on a block of dry ice," NASA planetary scientist Serina Diniega said in a statement.
In addition to its compact footprint, the fully automatic E160 Pelletizer produces up to 160 kg (352 lbs) per hour of consistent, high density dry ice pellets or nuggets on demand; has the highest liquid to solid conversion rate; is simple to operate - either as a standalone machine or when integrated into an automated dry ice cleaning or surface preparation system; has a closed, stainless steel frame; can be operated from cylinders, dewars or storage tanks of liquid CO[sub.
The heat transfer from dry ice pellets to the plastic granules is an equilibrium process which decays with the decreasing difference in temperature.
Dry ice cleaning eliminates equipment damage, reduces scrap product when compared to alternative cleaning methods and allows for complete online cleaning so production time can be maximized and touch-up cleanings are safe and easy.
Generating CO2 snow on demand or on a scheduled basis can eliminate dry ice purchases and the associated storage space and handling for dry ice bins, while the efficient use of CO2 lowers operating costs.
The dry ice-based BioT ULT Transporter is a portable system that addresses common methods of cooling that are insufficient, such as placing valuable biospecimens on dry ice in a styrofoam box.
a world leader in manufacturing high performance Dry Ice Blasting and Dry Ice Production equipment is expanding to a new location in West Chester, OH.
Sensitech products reviewed and confirmed for SP 188 compliance by IATA are TempTale4, TempTale4 Multi-Alarm, TemTale4 Multi-Alarm USB, TempTale4 Probe, TempTale4 Dual Sensor, TempTale4 Dry Ice Probe, TempTale4 Bio, TempTale4 Humidity, TempTale4 Probeless Dry Ice, TempTale4 USB, TempTale4 USB Dry Ice, TempTale RF, TagAlert, FreezeAlert, VaxAlert and ThermoAlert.
DRY ICE offers an outstanding thriller based on the premise that meteorologists could predict AND control the weather.
Their findings are based on the discovery of a huge underground reservoir of dry ice in the Martian south pole.