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a fly (fisherman's lure) that skims the surface of the water

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A second visit saw him net several top pond trout using a red ribbed Diawl Bach and then do even better casting a crippled midge dry fly on the bottom pond.
Dry fly fishing dictates you start at the bottom of the pool and work your way up.
Dry Fly estimates it will sell 3,500 cases of vodka and gin (combined) in the first 12 months of production.
Tender notice number : 41-V11/Nomex filter bags for dry fly ash system
Roy Phillips, Wayne Cooksley and Ralph Phillips all caught three fish and Phil Denny bagged a brace with his dry fly.
HAWICK angler Shane Kelly admits he's totally hooked on dry fly fishing.
HIGHAM LAKES 01661 860032 / NE30 0DH Early mornings and evenings have been great for the dry fly anglers.
Dry fly enthusiasts have taken full advantage of the evening rises at Knitsley Mill where Gareth Tilley won the senior Troutmaster fish-off and Ryan bell took top spot in the junior event.
The trout fishing is great all year long, but winter provides more fishable water, less crowds and the most predictable dry fly fishing of the year.
The secret seemed to be to fish a sunken dry fly or a buzzer just below the surface as the fish seem to be feeding just below the surface film.
Not in February and March, and not with a size-12 dry fly on the surface.
This is the place where Theodore Gordon and his followers perfected the art of American dry fly fishing.
Tenders are invited for supply of ci bends for dry fly ash handling system of stage-iii
As there is a steady hatch of large dark olives from around 11am a dark olive imitation is the dry fly to use.