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Synonyms for dressing

Synonyms for dressing

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure

processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather

Related Words

the activity of getting dressed

the act of applying a bandage

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Meanwhile, keep the area clean and dry and cover it in a non-adhesive dry dressing.
A dry dressing over it may help and you may need some antibiotics from the doctor.
Table 4-13: Selected Dry Dressing (Woven and Nonwoven) Currently on the Market
Table 4-8: Selected Dry Dressing (Woven and Nonwoven) Currently on the Market
A dry dressing over it may help and you may also need antibiotics from your GP.
The major product segments analyzed are Pourable Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise/Sandwich Spreads, Dry Dressing Mixes, and Reduced/Low Calorie Dressings.
Mix together cream cheese, spinach, dry dressing mix, green onions and milk until thoroughly blended.
To capture this market, Kalorama breaks out the wound market further not only by application but by type of product, with further subsegmentation within product categories: Moist Dressings Segment (Alginates, Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels, Films, Foams) Management Segment (Cleansing, Debridement, Tapes, Dry Dressings, Silver Dressings) Biological Dressings Segment (Artificial Skins and Collagen Products) Wound Closure (Sutures, Staplers and Staples; Tissue Adhesives, Sealants, and Glues) In the short term, there will be more ebb and flow in the industry due to changes in reimbursement, contract bidding, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in the delivery of health care.
If an incision is more than a half-inch wide, pack it open using clean, moist gauze inside the cut and dry dressings on top.