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Synonyms for dressing

Synonyms for dressing

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure

processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather

Related Words

the activity of getting dressed

the act of applying a bandage

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5-by-9-cm ulcer, which had a necrotic center and pigmented granulation tissue in the periphery with irregular margins, had failed to respond to wound care with wet to dry dressing changes.
After application, they are covered with a dry dressing, or a dry dressing and transparent film (Hess, 2002).
After inspecting my wound, ER staff determined a wet to dry dressing should be applied and gave me strict orders to follow up the next day with my primary physician.
He tended the injured in the Crimean War, and created a kind of dry dressing for their wounds -known as Gamgee tissue -to counter the risk of infection.
For the next layer, wrap a soft, dry dressing over the entire affected area, which may encompass virtually the entire body.
Cover burns with a soft, clean, dry dressing, bandage, or sheet.
Dead tissue and debris are pulled off when the dry dressing is taken off.
In case of burn injuries, cover with a dry dressing and call 9-1-1 for paramedic care.
If tine dressing is a dry dressing and does not promote a moist wound healing environment die antimicrobials will not be effective, so a dressing that maintains a moist environment to ensure the optimal conditions, while still maintaining breathability to avoid any potential for maceration of the wound site should be considered.