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Synonyms for cow

Synonyms for cow

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for cow

female of domestic cattle: "'moo-cow' is a child's term"

mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'bull'

a large unpleasant woman

subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe


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Although many dry cow diets include straw, Mr Holland believes this prevents cows from maximising intakes of feed important for rumen stability.
On our farm, all dry matter for dry cows is haylage or dry hay of medium quality--120 relative feed value (RFV).
The difference of urinary N excretion between dry and lactating cows was due to the N secretion into milk, because similar regression equations were obtained in N intake on urinary N excretion in dry cows and N secretion into milk plus urinary N excretion in lactating cows.
We were on the dry cow mix for about a year, came off it and went back on again and we saw there was a difference," he said.
In-parlour feeding has been phased out but, utilising a Keenan total mix rationer, the milking cows have access to a nutritionally balanced, mostly home-grown feed each day, but particular attention is given to providing a high-fibre diet for the dry cows.
Their presentations will cover feeding for production and health over the coming winter and the importance of fibre in the ration, dry cow management, alternative forages and milk quality.
However, one of the key challenges is likely to be in the use of antibiotics for dry cow management and what somatic cell count can you tolerate in organic cows if you are retailing to the liquid milk market.
In a NADIS report by Richard Laven, manager of the Scottish Agricultural College's surveillance centre, dry cow therapy is advised as a key preventative measure.
Many times their meat pole sagged under the weight of a dry cow or two that was killed in the last few days of the season.
MANAGING the dry cow transition period by providing a stress-free environment will achieve real benefits in the subsequent lactation, a Farming Connect event heard.
Anthony s first buffalo was an old, dry cow, admittedly smaller than a bull, but the performance was awesome, with the bullet breaking both shoulders and exiting.
Audfarantly means "in an old-fashioned way", to be bishopped is to be confirmed (by a bishop), casings are dry cow dung used as fuel, to be foxed is to be drunk and to frapple is to feel or fumble.
The dairy and dry cow farmer was well-known and respected in the rural community.
dry cow haven't gotten a lot of "The nutritional requirements of the dry cow haven't gotten a lot of attention in the past.
Additionally, the Company recently was awarded a $70,000 grant over eighteen months from the United States Department of Agriculture to fund a portion of the expenses related to clinical trials of a dry cow application of this technology.