dry cleaning

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the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

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This difference in dry cleaning volume also means that men spend more on dry cleaning, with average monthly spend across the sexes being Dh250 per month, Dh150 of which can be attributed to men's garments," the study said.
24 August 2016 - US-based eco-friendly dry cleaning service NextCleaners has acquired New York-based on-demand dry cleaning and laundry pickup service Boomerang NYC assets, the company said.
We, at The Dhobi, are making life easier with our new dry cleaning app, which offers free pick-up and delivery, at a time convenient for the customer, using only premium quality organic methods of dry cleaning, all at a great rate of $4.
Under Graduated And Post Graduated Gowns For Washing & Dry Cleaning
The App increases convenience by making life easier for clients with busy schedules, but it maintains the personal touch that clients demand," said Alex Najafi, founder and CEO of Alex's Dry Cleaning Valet.
I believe there are markets outside the United States that will be as strong, if not stronger, because of the lack of quality competition and the importance of quality garments and the care of those garments," said Michael Eisner, Director of Franchise Development for Lapels Dry Cleaning.
So customers are in fact paying the price of dry cleaning for a simple wash
The charitable company, which has pioneered retail dry cleaning services through charity shops, will now visit offices and industrial centres to offer convenient, door-to-door dry cleaning and laundry services, as well as carpet and office furniture cleaning packages.
The Whitakers" association with the laundry and dry cleaning business in Denbigh goes back nearly 60 years.
The team studied the period from 1964 to 1979, when tetrachloroethylene was the primary solvent used for dry cleaning in these countries.
Morrisons is taking a leaf out of Safeway's book and offering dry cleaning operations in its stores.
LANCASTER - Eastside Cleaners is using a new water-based cleaning technology alongside its traditional dry cleaning, and local air-quality officials hope others will follow suit.
Increasing regulatory pressure has seen its use for this purpose decline substantially as new dry cleaning practices and alternative products have come into play.
His Santa Anna, Calif-based company provides supermarket chains with a dry cleaning operation designed to bring consumers into the store when they drop off their dirty clothes and a few days later when they pick up their dry cleaning.
Our pledge to the insurance industry is that by guaranteeing restoration by dry cleaning leaders using advanced technology, we will restore damaged clothing at a higher success rate," said Eddie Mannis, chairman of the board of the alliance.