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shop where dry cleaning is done

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Ward Blackwell of Tumble In Dry Cleaners said, "Our goal is to provide the highest quality laundry services in Mahwah.
In addition, the cleaning method is ahead of a 2020 federal mandate for dry cleaners in residential buildings to replace the chemical solvent perchloro-ethylene, also known as tetrachloroethylene.
NDC Group LLC and consumer products company Procter & Gamble (P&G) (NYSE:PG) jointly announced on Wednesday the opening of the newest Tide Dry Cleaners store, in Duluth, Georgia.
According to P&G, Tide Dry Cleaners is an innovative expansion to the iconic Tide brand, leveraging the brand's 65-year heritage in cleaning to delight consumers with a greater level of service and performance in dry cleaning.
Executive chairman John Talbot said the bulk of the cost cuts had been carried out through reduced hours for staff at the dry cleaners to reflect lower demand.
SHARES in dry cleaner Johnson Service Group have been boosted after the company unveiled a major disposal to ease its debt worries.
The one that's actually true is, yeah, I was discovered while I was working in a dry cleaners -- until McLaren got me fired.
Miss Goodband, a retail assistant from Wallasey, had taken the pounds 200 ivory gold dress to D&P dry cleaners in Whitechapel, Liverpool city centre, to iron out creases and remove a couple of faint blemishes.
Fugitive tetrachloroethylene (PCE, perc) emissions from dry cleaners operating in apartment buildings can contaminate residential indoor air.
Professional restoration dry cleaners also are adept at handling a wide range of specialty items, including window treatments, shoes, purses, hats, belts, leathers, and furs.
We've teamed up with Johnsons the dry cleaners to offer our readers HALF- PRICE CLEANING.
About 25 dry-cleaning operations in the United States have formed a nonprofit alliance to give insurers a network of reliable restoration dry cleaners, which could help save claims costs.
Q I recently switched dry cleaners after a garment came back damaged.
The air-quality board also approved $2 million in grants to aid dry cleaners that switch to a nontoxic alternative, including "wet cleaning" (see "Greener Cleaners," Currents, September/October 2000).
According to Rynex, a leading manufacturer of environmentally safe dry cleaning solutions, property owners can avoid costly clean-up operations, and potential local community problems, by specifying that dry cleaners use non-toxic, biodegradable solvents.