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the operator of dry-cleaning establishment

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Franchise Extends the Tide Dry Cleaners Promise To Change Dry Cleaning For Good.
The company's shares have plunged from more than 350p last June to less than 30p after poor trading at its high street dry cleaners and linen rental businesses was compounded by the troubled implementation of a new IT system
residential dry cleaner buildings) may experience longterm, involuntary, and possibly harmful perc exposures.
About 25 dry-cleaning operations in the United States have formed a nonprofit alliance to give insurers a network of reliable restoration dry cleaners, which could help save claims costs.
A good dry cleaner will do those things," says Boorstein.
According to Rynex, a leading manufacturer of environmentally safe dry cleaning solutions, property owners can avoid costly clean-up operations, and potential local community problems, by specifying that dry cleaners use non-toxic, biodegradable solvents.
And if you use dry cleaners regularly, why not join
Dry cleaners and other businesses that use perc must dispose of it as hazardous waste.
Perchloroethylene (PERC), the solvent used by dry cleaners, is a volatile toxin--responsible for both air and water pollution, as well as human health problems.
According to Jones, "With fewer visits to the dry cleaner, people can now feel encouraged to buy more dry-clean-only clothes.
Between 100 and 1,000 mgcm, the dry cleaner will have to submit a remediation plan to DEP that would include measures such as vapor barriers, room enclosures and the closing of solvent containers.
For property owners, a nearby dry cleaner or other small business that dumps chemicals down the drain can spell disaster if the pollutants make their way into the groundwater, fouling drinking water wells.
But if you've already got a closet-full that do, don't automatically cart them to your dry cleaner just because they're wrinkled.
also was voted Best Dry Cleaner in 1999 by the Lerner Community Newspapers.
Dry Cleaner's Secret, developed by a master dry cleaner, has already sold more than 40 million cleaning packets worldwide.