dry cell

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a small Leclanche cell containing no free liquid

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Advances in dry cell batteries have a close association with advances in the products for which they are used.
4] A current of 2 milliamperes from the positive pole of a dry cell connected to the terminals marked "dry cell main dial" enters the tap wire attached to the point 18 on the manganin wire and flows to the right or the left through the manganin wire, or back to the cell without entering the manganin wire, according to the position of the slider S.
In 1997, the national production of dry cell soared to 2.
California Center for Sustainable Energy replaces all traditional dry cell batteries with SANYO 'eneloop' rechargeable batteries
Dry cell primary batteries, single and multiple cell, manufacturing
Eveready is the world's largest manufacturer of dry cell batteries and flashlights.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- The trade associations representing the major household battery manufacturers of Europe, Japan and the United States today agreed to cooperate in a study to determine the feasibility of recycling used primary dry cell batteries.
As a next-generation rechargeable battery that can be 'used immediately after purchase', and once charged, 'can be used anytime', 'eneloop' can be used in all devices that till date use dry cell batteries.
Also making mega-musical contributions to the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED soundtrack are Deftones, Papa Roach, Godhead, Disturbed, Static-X and WB/Reprise newcomers Dry Cell and Earshot (album out May 6th).
Injuries caused by exploding batteries in personal electronic devices necessitated revisions to the reports for Battery Manufacturing - Dry Cell.
Teams of up to five students work together to design and build a miniature electric vehicle powered by one AA dry cell battery.
Tenders are invited for Multi Purpose Dry Battery Civil As Per Specification Is: 9128 For Torch Of Carbon Zink Dry Cell, Nominal Voltage 1.