dry battery

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a voltaic battery consisting of two or more dry cells

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said Wednesday it will release a dry battery more powerful and durable than conventional alkaline dry batteries on April 1.
It combines the reusable qualities of a rechargeable battery with dry battery qualities which is immediate usability after purchase or long-term storage.
This not only yields a flexible power source that can adapt to curved objects, but also produces a dry battery that eliminates the need for a hermetically sealed metal case.
At the request of the Electrochemical Section a study was conducted to characterize a large number of dry battery materials (mainly [MnO.
What a thrill it was when the 120 volt dry battery and a six volt wet accumulator were connected and the music of the popular bands filled our living room.
Dry Battery Cell: With the imposition of Sales Tax the incidence of tax on the raw material imported for the local manufacture of dry battery cell goes as high as 73 per cent.
Xtreme Power's Dynamic Power Resource[TM] utilizes the proprietary, highly efficient, dry battery technology known as the PowerCell[TM] to produce extremely responsive and cost effective solutions range from 375 kW to 100 MW in size.
Dry Battery Focusing Type Arrangement Of Changing Batteries From Bottom By Means Of Brass Cap Complete With Screw Type Lamp Confirming To Is- 2083 With Latest Amendment.
Tenders are invited for Multi Purpose Dry Battery Civil As Per Specification Is: 9128 For Torch Of Carbon Zink Dry Cell, Nominal Voltage 1.
Because of Matsushita's commitment to protecting our environment by reducing dry battery mercury levels, we are pleased to make this technology available to the battery industry, as initially represented by Rayovac, a leading U.