dry battery

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a voltaic battery consisting of two or more dry cells

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It combines the reusable qualities of a rechargeable battery with dry battery qualities which is immediate usability after purchase or long-term storage.
said Wednesday it will release a dry battery more powerful and durable than conventional alkaline dry batteries on April 1.
said Thursday it will convert Toyo Takasago Dry Battery Co.
Available in 4-foot, 8-foot, or mixed lamp capacities, as well as mixed ballast containers and dry battery recycling containers, all kits are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.
After receiving a technical education in Luxembourg and Germany, Gernsback traveled to the United States in 1904 to market an improved dry battery that he had invented.
Summary: None of the family members was aware that the baby was playing with a dry battery and that he had swallowed it.
Supply & erection of (a) 34 dry battery sets (34 x 300 Ah - 48 volt), (b) 13 dry battery sets (5 x 1,000 Ah & 8 x 500 Ah - 48 volt) & (c) 3 dry battery sets (3 x 200 Ah - 48 volt) on turn key.
Tenders are invited for Dry Battery Cell, Ir-20 Heavy Duty, Leak-Proof, Metal-Jacketed, Cylindrical For Flash Lights, 1.
Supply of (a) 20 sets (480) dry battery rods of 2 volt, 300 Amp / hour capacity to compact type telephone exchanges in Gharbiya Governorate & (b) other 80 similar roads of 12 volt, 125 Amp / hour capacity for lucent telephone exchanges in Gharbiya & Kalioubiya & (c) 32 similar rods of 12 volt, 50 Amp/ hour capacity for UPS units serving Tanta Computer Center.
Tenders are invited for procurement of dry battery cells