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a voltaic battery consisting of two or more dry cells

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However, there is no restriction in case of Dioxide ores used in dry batteries but due to their lower grades and high impurities even here processing has become necessary to yield a product which meets the requirements of battery grade.
which were, as usual, lighted by dry batteries and small electric lights.
EVOLTA has previously conquered the Grand Canyon on a pair of Panasonic AA dry batteries in 2008.
Indonesian products of dry batteries are facing tough competition from Chinese products in international market.
Besides the employees' voluntary efforts, the Panasonic Group has already made monetary donations of 300 million yen and in-kind donations including 10,000 units of radios, 50,000 units of flashlights, 500,000 dry batteries, 4,000 units of solar LED lanterns and 1 unit of Life Innovation Container.
TOKYO:6810)(OSAKA:6810) is a leading global manufacturer of information storage media products, including magnetic tapes, optical discs, and battery products such as lithium ion rechargeable batteries, micro batteries and alkaline dry batteries.
Thus, reducing current consumption when the power is turned off has been a challenge in mobile equipment that runs on small batteries such as button dry batteries.