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Synonyms for drupe

fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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drupe Mobile was founded by Barak Witkowski and Assaf Ziv, who bring technological and managerial experience from companies like Modu Mobile, Broadcom Corp.
Moreover AY- sitosterol and -5-avenasterol influence drupe ripeness during fruit ripening while stigmasterol interferes with absorption of carotenoids and other fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E and tocopherols (Ostlund et al.
The drupe is smooth with thick oily flesh and a very large seed.
About 72 per cent of the commercial printers in the drupe panel offer VDP and 56 per cent reported modest or fast growth, albeit from a low base.
Technically, the pepper fruit is a drupe, measuring about five mm in diameter, containing single large seed at its center.
Among the topics are health promoting effects of cereal and cereal products, phenolic and beneficial bioactives in drupe fruits, phytochemical bioactives in berries, controlling mycotoxin bioactives in nuts from farm to fork, impacts of food and microbial processing on the bioactive phenolics of olive fruit products, and an analytical methodology for characterizing grape and wine phenolic bioactives.
Leaves oblong, more rarely ovate or obovate, (2-) 3-7(-16) x (2-)3-5(-9) cm, Fruit an ellipsoid drupe, laterally compressed, 3-4(-5) x 2.
Acerola, a drupe that originated in Central America and the southwest United States, is the richest source of vitamin C source known to man.
It also produces an upright drupe of burgundy-red berries that are attractive to birds and other forms of wildlife.
A drupe is a type of fruit that produces one hard seed, which is enclosed in a stony pit, such as an olive.
The fruit - which is a drupe - encloses an elongated seed (a nut in culinary terms, but not a true nut in the botanical sense) with a hard, skeleton-coloured-shell and an eye-catching kernel, whose skin is washed-over in a reddish-mauve, beneath which is the pale-lime-green flesh of the kernel with a unique essence.
Rosaceae Rose Floral organs usually in 5s, fruit a drupe, pome, achene, aggregate, or follicle.
Coefficient of Correlation of Pearson ("r") between drupe, endocarp and seed weight with respect to weight of endocarp and seed and vigor of Ziziphus mistol Grisebach PESO FRESCO VIGOR Endocarpo Semilla Peso Seco Longitud Longitud Plantulas Radicula Hipocotico Peso Drupa 0,889 0,503 0,349 0,079 0,081 (P=0.
The coconut is not a nut at all, but a drupe, a category of fruit.
And I'll let you in on a secret: Almonds are not actually nuts, but instead a kind of fruit called a drupe, like the cherry, the plum and the peach.