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Synonyms for drupe

fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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Also, drupe is gladly announcing that it has surpassed half a million organic users within three months, entirely driven by word of mouth.
Lastly, consider the familiar palindromic poem "August" by Emerson Drupe, the erstwhile self-proclaimed "Poet of the Poconos.
Stone or drupe fruits are classified together because of their single, hard, bony seeds inside the soft fleshy fruit.
One seeded ovoid drupe, exocarp and mesocarp fused and indistinguishable one from another; three external longitudinal grooves delimiting three valves, endocarp thin, not sculptured; apical stigmatic remains; one locule, seed deltoid; endosperm homogeneous and ruminate; apical germination pore and basal hilum.
HP had a major presence at drupe, with its Indigo systems front and center.
Jujuba's fruit can be found in two shapes: an elliptical or spherical shape, or a drupe shape.
The fruit is a waxy-resinous winged drupe (Frere Marie-Victorin, 1995).
The excitement around drupe and the global expansion of Dscoop has been undeniable, We see great things for the future of the print industry.
2008), but can be classified as either berry (fleshy or fibrous mesocarp, one seed and thin endocarp) or drupe (endocarp slerotic and thick).
The mango's fruit is called a drupe, which consists of an edible fleshy outside and an internal woody pit, and is tastiest when ripe.
The fruit is developed from a unicarpellate inferior ovary, indehiscent, and prominently winged, although coded as a drupe by Renner (1999).
Capsule as fruit: capsule=0; other than capsule (berry, drupe or nut)=1.
Chinese date, jujube, her, Epicarp and mesocarp of drupe edible
Cronquist (1981) recognized a small family Mendonciaceae, close to but separate from Acanthaceae because of its fruit: an often unilocular drupe with only one or two seeds, in contrast to explosive capsules with two locules and four or more seeds.
a drupe or drupe-like berry; seeds with testa cells [+ or -] elongated; embryo with 2 cotyledons.