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Synonyms for drupe

fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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These plants share the woody habit of most Araliaceae, and Delarbrea also has the drupaceous fruits characteristic of that family, but with thin endocarps.
Description: The fossils are petrified ovoid, drupaceous fruits, 17.
Araliaceae Fruits of this family are commonly drupaceous, and only rarely winged.
Many species have drupaceous fruits but some have winged fruits, e.
Previous morphological studies have indicated that Styphelieae have the following synapomorphies: fruit drupaceous, ovary 1-11 locular (each locule containing a single ovule), and the corolla mostly hairy inside (Taaffe et al.
The "Rauvolfieae" of Pichon (1949) (= "Alyxieae" sensu Leeuwenberg, 1994) has traditionally been characterized by having drupaceous fruits with a stony endocarp.
In contrast, members of Myoporum are characterised by a drupaceous fruit (Chinnock, 1982b).