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Synonyms for drupe

fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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The presence of three distinct growth stages in the fruit of Celtis occidentalis is consistent with the results of other studies of drupaceous fruits (Lilleland, 1930, 1932; Lott, 1933; Tukey, 1934).
It is possible to compare Celtis growth with that of other drupaceous fruits, but no other data have been published for drupes with high concentrations of silica and calcium.
Many species have drupaceous fruits but some have winged fruits, e.
Rhamnaceae This family of about 50 genera includes some genera with drupaceous fruits and others with dry schizocarpic fruits.
Verbenaceae This family is characterized by drupaceous and schizocarpic fruits, but winged fruits occur in the genus Hymenopyramis Wallich ex Griffith (Fig.
Fruit drupaceous or a loculicidal capsule; seeds with variable testa; embryo with 2 cotyledons.
Fruit drupaceous and brightly colored, sometimes splitting to release endocarp, which sometimes splits into separate pyrenes.
Seeds naked, sometimes with flattened edge, but without well-developed wing(s) or hairs on margin; fruit indehiscent and drupaceous or a pair of dehiscent follicles; style head mostly with basal collar; disc mostly present; herbs, shrubs, or trees Vinceae 8.
Fruit either indehiscent, drupaceous with a fleshy pericarp and indurated endocarp forming a stone, or a pair of dehiscent follicles; seeds l--4(--6) per carpel, rarely more, ovoid or compressed (the flat margins forming a ledge in Kopsia, Ochrosia, and Neisosperma).