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Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

someone who is intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

as if under the influence of alcohol


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They are the drunkest, most sexually promiscuous, view Asbos as a 'badge of honour' and struggle to form an articulate sentence.
It starts off with a song called "Whiskey in My Britches" that contains the lines "britches falling down" and "I'm the drunkest man in town.
Usually we would meet up in some local hostelry and if we hung around long enough, some guy, usually the drunkest, would invite us all back to his place to watch the game.
Party music for the fittest - or drunkest - of dancers.
They include web-site reviews and a look at the strangest videos circulating in America's underground, including a return visit to the first season's sensation: the drunkest rednecks in the South - Uncle Goddamn and the Elmore family.
THE TRIBES OF THE WELSH RUGBY MASSIVE THE DAFFODILS: Decked in yolk-yellow headpieces, you will see these adorn the heads of the most grizzled of old men, the drunkest of young women and perhaps the most patriotic of family dogs as Wales do their stuff on the hallowed turf.
He told District Judge Anthony Browne in Sheffield that he had been "the drunkest I have ever been at uni" and did not remember any of his actions on the night of the incident.
It's the best festival in the world, if not the drunkest.
Mike Peterson got drunkest dude out, killing it and having a blast the whole weekend with a new Consolidated sponsor.
DRUNKEST CELEB: TV presenter Melanie Sykes (by far).
Luckily, the embarrassment was deflected by the drunkest man I've ever met - the host of Pop Idol in New Zealand.
I'm not a big fan of slow songs but the two they got on the record would appease the drunkest of sailors.
But just remember the golden rule: never, ever be the drunkest person left in the room.
Imagine a wedding video shot by the drunkest person at the party who is now trying to sober up with Red Bull and you'll get close to how bad Hud is at working a camera, especially when he keeps heading off to chat up the lovely Marlena (Lizzy Caplan).
Like Finland, for example, which is easily the drunkest place I've ever been.