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Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

someone who is intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

as if under the influence of alcohol


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The longer range consequences of Jake's pandering include Mike's increased drunkenness, Cohn's tearful apology and departure from Pamplona, Jake's becoming so depressed that he gets drunker than ever before, and--most significantly--Brett's going off to Madrid with Romero.
He left the dogs lying under the pool table, too exhausted from their last wrestling bout to move, and crawled up the stairs, a little drunker than he'd thought.
It does him no harm (he is This detail, though immune to poison) except to make picturesque, makes him drunker.
Frustration mounts as Kriss and Jesse ruminate over the havoc wreaked in their lives by the constraints of patriarchal and racist systems; they become drunker, meaner, and increasingly violent as their usual release, sex, is constantly deferred.
One night, the drunker of the dudes decided to "go climb a mountain
She did achieve success as an advertising copywriter, however, coining the famous slogan, "go to work on an egg" (though she characteristically claims that she would have preferred to be remembered for the rejected catchphrase, "vodka gets you drunker quicker").
Ash grew drunker, warmer, until everything seemed to connect and they were all part of this, the night, the alcohol, the children and each other and the galaxy.
It's great fun because my character is a very naughty old guy who will chase anything in a skirt and he gets drunker and drunker as the show progresses.
If you've had rather too much to drink at a Christmas party but want to look sober, stand next to people drunker than you, don't smile inanely and, if all else fails, pretend to be foreign.
They're getting louder now, a larger crowd, happier, drunker.
Our mole added: "The drunker they became the closer they got.
The defendant was getting louder and drunker during the evening, and some customers left, making complaints to the staff about his behaviour.
The drunker people are, the more they feel compelled to actually say something when they're standing, especially if it's quite close, if it's like a concert or something and everyone's shoulder to shoulder.
And yet: "I am learning and mastering new words each day, and drunker than Dylan, harder than Hopkins, younger than Yeats in my saying," she writes in one letter home.
As long as you can find someone noticeably drunker than yourself, you're safe.