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Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

someone who is intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

as if under the influence of alcohol


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I went to the pub and got drunk or, rather, drunker.
On St Andrew's Day in 1780 Charles was drunker than usual.
The drunker they get, the more precipitously the Nixon-Kissinger tango lurches straight for the rocks, until the two resemble a jowlier George and Martha from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
And being president of the local chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, she had not more than recovered when Cookie came staggering out the side door drunker than a goat.
New research suggests that aspirin, when taken on a full stomach, can get you drunker.
The drunker he got, Derek not only "The drunker he got, Derek not only lifted drinks off tables, he actually went around offering to sell fake designer watches and designer bags to people who could have bought the real thing with their spare change.
I remember wondering what was going on because the goals were getting closer together, and thinking, 'My God, I'm drunker than I thought'.
However this particular feature means no more "the drunker you are, the faster you were".
Oh, a slim little waist is a pleasure, And a trim little limb is divine Oh, a sly little eye is a treasure, It'll get him drunker than wine You'll drive him half insane, In a bathing suit of cellophane Keep young and beautiful, If you want to be loved They don't write them like that, anymore.
A bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought," he added.
If he drank alcohol first and then drank a Virgin Mary after, it would show that he did not want to become drunker and drunker.
Saturday, June 27 With a raging hangover, I ended up at a dismal evening gathering, where one little man slightly drunker than everyone else thought he was hilarious.
Mehmet duly obliged, and the drunker of the two staggered outside while his portly partner demanded bread.