drunken revelry

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a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

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Muneer who runs Marzooqi cafeteria next to the park said he has seen some illegal residents indulging in a drunken revelry late at night.
DRIVERS attaching flags to their cars, pubs bracing themselves for drunken revelry, a sharp rise in flatscreen TV sales and a sizeable portion of the population set to become football widows: there can be only one explanation - the World Cup is almost here.
Following a night of drunken revelry, Wilkes and some pals drove to the abbey but were only able to catch a glimpse of the monks heading off to chapel dressed in their signature white robes and tonsured hair.
The story plays out against the background of first-century Rome during Saturnalia, a weeklong celebration including silly costumes, drunken revelry, and family dinners.
Patrick's Day falling on a Monday this month, you may as well start your drunken revelry next Saturday with the live Young Dubliners show at the Roxy.
In their drunken revelry, they stood back to back and challenged the entire camp to a fight.
The narrator's uncle curses the bird when he learns how it was acquired after a night of drunken revelry.
Well, after enough questionable cocktails to sink a cruise liner; a night filled with drunken revelry and the mother of all hangovers later, I stirred from my alcohol-induced coma.
We decided to have a bit of fun and see which soap really is the worst offender for drunken revelry.
The business community has bemoaned the lack of council investment over the years, although the long-term solutions to Broad Street's reputation for seediness and drunken revelry has always been in the hands of the bar and club owners rather than the local authority.
The Real Cancun is a big-screen spin-off of the kind of adolescent drunken revelry dished up weekly on MTV's Real World and other so-called "reality TV" shows -- but with even more explicit sex and raunchiness.
One night of drunken revelry brings the three characters together and by the time dawn breaks, their lives are forever changed.
It isn't difficult for foreigners to interpret dancing skeletons, candy skulls and general drunken revelry as disrespect for the dead and grief at human loss.
By reviewing key classical representations of Dionysian and Bacchanalian mythologies, revitalized by many Renaissance writers, Taylor identifies the romantic period as a skeptical inheritor of these mythical notions of drunken revelry.
After a night of drunken revelry, he wakes up in the arms of the circus owner's wife (or mistress).