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Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

Synonyms for drunk

someone who is intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

as if under the influence of alcohol


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It's chronic drinkers who have multiple drunk driving convictions.
Jackson said his tapes are for anyone who drives and drinks and not for people looking to drive drunk and get away with it.
Citywide statistics resemble nationwide trends, said Mark Robinson, president of the Los Angeles County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
We are not encouraging people to get blind drunk and drive,'' Kennedy said.
Outside The Classroom is a partner to many prominent organizations, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and NASPA.
While driving drunk doesn't mean someone is an alcoholic, counselors say it often indicates a drinking problem.
Earlier this year, four of the officers from the Newhall CHP station were honored by a local chapter of the Mother's Against Drunk Driving for their above-average DUI arrest totals.
An even more difficult barrier to applying the drunk driving analogy to drinking while pregnant resided in the legal realm.
Beam Global Spirits & Wine has an extensive history of supporting programs that help fight drunk driving and underage drinking.
Caught in an obvious and undeniable mathematical mistake, CASA argued like a late-night drunk that really, man, no, really, man, it was still absolutely right in its original conclusion.
Through the drink smart[R] responsibility platform, Beam Global educates consumers on how to make responsible decisions about alcohol and reminds them of four basic principles: 1) if you're under 21, don't drink; 2) if you're of legal purchase age and choose to drink, do so in moderation; 3) never drive drunk and 4) if you can't drink responsibly - don't drink at all.
March 1995: Kyne was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on San Francisquito Canyon Road in the Santa Clarita Valley.
We are committed to educating communities about the hazards of drunk driving and underage drinking," stated Chris Swonger, senior vice president of corporate affairs, Beam Global Spirits & Wine.
Traffic fatalities in California during the four-day holiday weekend this year fell to their lowest point since the 1970s, but activists against drunk driving cautioned Monday not to read too much into the dip.
I think drinking to get really drunk is stupid," says Jason, a 21-year-old junior.