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a stick used for playing a drum

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Chicken drumsticks are often relegated to kids' meals, perhaps a notch up from chicken tenders.
United States], November 22 ( ANI ): Continuing a longstanding pre-Thanksgiving White House tradition, United States President Donald Trump has pardoned two turkeys, Drumstick and Wishbone, in the Rose Garden.
Americans traditionally feast on turkey, stuffing and other delights on the Thanksgiving holiday, which takes place this coming Thursday, but Drumstick and his pal Wishbone were granted a reprieve.
Although earlier studies state that typical or true drumstick appendage are rarely seen in normal males, later observation in literature suggests that they can be seen in males but with lesser percentage compared to females.
Make two or three cuts in each drumstick then put them in a large bowl or re-sealable plastic food bag.
The Lattjo tongue drum and drumstick sets, which were mainly sold by Swedish furniture retailer Ikea, were found to have rubber balls that came unscrewed.
A drumstick has a configuration that gives it a response on the cymbals and on the drums," he said in an interview for the Messe Frankfurt trade fair.
Drumming up a village-level solution: the promise of the Drumstick tree (Moringa oleifera) for Africa
These results are in agreement with those reported in the literature and confirm the fact that drumstick count is certainly related to sex (7), (9).
cauliflower leaves and radish leaves - and the leaves of the drumstick flower plant, which are especially beneficial for people who are on a diabetic diet.
The scientists found that titanium dioxide improved the whiteness of the drumstick gel samples by increasing L* color values.
2 candied yams, and a turkey drumstick soaked in gravy
With the aid of microscope, 200 polymorphonuclear neutrophils were examined for the presence of drumstick appendages.
Breast, drumstick and wing pieces each have 4 grams of fat and 2 grams of saturated fat.
Dreyer's has selected Smith Brothers Agency, a Pittsburgh-based independent marketing agency, to be the interactive agency of record for its frozen novelties brands, including The Skinny Cow, Nestle Drumstick, Eskimo Pie and Nestle Push-Ups.