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the sound of a drum (especially a snare drum) beaten rapidly and continuously

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As the lead deer stepped clear, my heart jolted into a staccato drumroll.
The crucial deadline loomed, the drumroll had begun, when the bad news came that the two governments were stalled.
The chitchat and photo-ops which form the press's interpretation of politics are really just campaigning, and campaigning is to government what the regular season is to the NBA: a very tedious drumroll.
And glory be the day when we no longer have to march to the drumroll of gay pride, for that will be the day we are out of danger.
A male ruffed grouse hops up on a hollow deadfall and sends out his drumroll call for a mate, his wings a butterfly blur as they thrum against the log.
Blog: Drumroll pleaseOAnnouncing the Global Challenge 2011 Finalists by John McIntyre, Managing Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator
And - drumroll, please - things do come to a head when the band hole up in the Irish countryside to record.
you sent in pictures of s dressed as cute chicks unnies and we've had a king the winners, but DRUMroll ple ado, The Ec announce the year's Easter B Dozens of your little ones and bonny bu tough job pic here they are.
demands the song, a rageful drumroll of attacks calling the Syrian president a "liar" and an "ass" and his brother Maher a "coward".
Weird doesn't quite cover it but fans of the surreal will find Rubber - drumroll, please - a gripping experience.
On one of Ikonika's early songs, "Phonelines VIP," a metal drumroll does manage to sneak its way in, though not by her own kit.
The symphonies' nicknames in alphabetical order are (The) Bear (1786), Drumroll (1795), Farewell (1772), (The) Hen (1785), (The) Philosopher (1764), Military (1793-94), (The) Miracle (1791), (The) Queen (1785), (The) Schoolmaster (1774), (The) Surprise (1791) & Maria Theresia (c1769)
So - cue drumroll, fanfare of trumpets andMichel Platini's most camera-friendly smile-welcome to the brand new
Drumroll, please: Pub 42, the newly renovated pub at The Manor restaurant, 42 West Boylston St.