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someone who plays a drum

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But no attention whatever seemed to be paid to the drummers or to the old priests; the individuals who composed the vast crowd present being entirely taken up in chanting and laughing with one another, smoking, drinking 'arva', and eating.
For half an hour the weird dance went on, until, at a sign from Kerchak, the noise of the drums ceased, the female drummers scampering hurriedly through the line of dancers toward the outer rim of squatting spectators.
Jun Regalado started his career as a drummer in 1967 and went on to play in countless records and concerts, including those of the aforementioned artists.
AN internationally-renowned singer is seeking a drummer to play a special kind of Indian drum to join her on stage.
As jazz drummer Viola Smith said (in Dozen Beat Magazine) in 1942, "'Hep girls' could sit in any jam session and hold their own" (p.
Senegal's 'Human Treasure' Drummer Doudou Ndiaye Rose Dies Aged 85 (AFP [Yahoo.
Many of the older gay men might remember Drummer magazine that was in circulation between 1975-99.
Drummer and educator Smith chronicles the life and times of Mel Lewis (1929-1990), jazz drummer extraordinaire, a professional at 17, who produced 620 recordings as a sideman with Stan Kenton, Thad Jones, and his own band.
The 51-year-old drummer of the German band was sentenced to one month in jail for allegedly insulting Muslims and doing an indecent public act when he was travelling by transit through the Dubai airport.
With the help of Miami web design company Absolute Web Services (AWS), Drummer Bikes, has released a new site in partnership with New Age Cycles.
I drum, therefore I am; being and becoming a drummer.
London, July 19 ( ANI ): A Canadian drummer has broken the Guinness World Record for most single strokes (hits) in one minute.
A guard of honour will keep a vigil over Drummer Rigby's body the night before the private service at the parish church in Bury, Manchester.