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a mound of glacial drift

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In 2010, Iceland's Mulajokull glacier became famous to geologists as warmer climate reduced it enough to expose an active drumlin field.
2] grids chosen at random from the three landclass groups determined to have the highest density of badger social groups during the 1990-1993 survey, specifically; drumlin farmland, marginal uplands and settled uplands.
Although the Southdale Neighborhood has been described as having a "dismal reputation" with low rates of homeownership and high crime, there are some positive aspects of the community, such as the Drumlin Farms area, "a rural five-acre farm that operated as a site for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
A few years ago, while searching for the hill at Innisfree about which Bishop Grandin wrote in 1872, (4) I came upon a high drumlin in township 53, range 7, not far from Clandonald.
Laane farm was located on a drumlin of northwest southeast direction.
Here, a drumlin, an oval mound smooth-sculpted by glaciers, rises to give an uninterrupted panorama of sea, fields and forests from its grassy crown.
Significant natural features within the project site include a prominent drumlin (Wolf Hill), a wide vegetated median, wetlands, and dense stands of vegetation along the right-of-way.
Don't ask me what these really are-by this stage of the meeting I was in a semi-hallucinatory state, and my recollection is that it was in-side a drumlin that Frodo Baggins first encountered a barrow wight.
One summer she and I made plans to go to Drumlin Farm with her two children and my mother.
Every year over the last eight or 10 years the number of calls I get from farms wanting to do this kind of thing has doubled,'' said Stacy Miller, a longtime staff member at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, Mass.
El gobierno es representado por Michael Kitz (James Woods) asesor de seguridad nacional y de tendencia mas o menos halcona, David Drumlin, asesor cientifico del presidente y Rachel Constantine (Angela Bassett), jefa del gabinete, quienes deciden contactar al autor del mensaje, descubriendo los planos de construccion de un transbordador interestelar.
At the outset, Arroway has government backing for her listening post in Puerto Rico pulled out from under her by erstwhile sponsor and presidential science adviser David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), although not before she has had a brief fling with handsome lapsed seminarian Palmer Joss (Matthew McConaughey).
The project is located on a 150-acre glacial drumlin, basically a long flat-topped ridge with eye-popping views of the surrounding countryside.