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a mound of glacial drift

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A large tray of 10 Woodbury Farm Chicken Fillets is available for only pounds 12 and Drumlin Gold sirloin steak is available for pounds 5 for a pack of three.
The Pedja River flows south from the north-east-south-west directed drumlin (Jaanits 1949).
On German Bank, subglacial landforms, indicative of former ice-flow direction and velocity, include drumlins (the counterparts of large drumlin fields on land in southwest Nova Scotia; Fig.
Libraries, schools and health organizations, museums such as the DeCordova, Danforth and Discovery, environmental habitats like Drumlin Farm and Broadmoor Sanctuary, and the Charles, Concord, Sudbury and Assabet river watersheds, are among local assets and institutions that have benefited from volunteerism and private philanthropy over the decades.
10) To make this observation Fidler must have climbed the noticeable high drumlin on SW 18-53-6-W4, from which he could see the big hill on sections 14 and 23 of township 51, range 5, W4, away off to the south and east.
As Late Glacial deposits are widespread in the inter-drumlin hollows of the Saadjarv Drumlin Field (Pirrus & Rouk 1979), but deglaciation timing is poorly constrained due to the absence of radiocarbon dates, Lake Prossa, where the thickness of Late Glacial deposits varies between 2 and 3 m (Saarse & Karson 1982), was selected for future study.
A 52-mile trek through glacial landscapes and small towns, the Glacial Drumlin Trail is a popular hiking/biking trail that stretches from Waukesha to Cottage Grove.
40 Southwell Gore's Island is a drowned drumlin on the south-western side of Strangford Lough, near the Quoile Barrage, in County Down, Northern Ireland, close to Downpatrick.
Laane farm was located on a drumlin of northwest southeast direction.
Crossing the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine, its approach to the edge of the continental shelf left blankets of glacial outwash and huge terminal moraines peripheral to the ice sheet, as well as extensive drumlin fields.
At the eastern base of the drumlin on which the enclosure sits is Loughnashade, a small lake from whose marshy edge four large Iron Age horns, at least one of which bore La Tene decoration, were recovered in the late 18th century (Raftery 1987).
Drumlin looked a danger turning for home but Selberry was brave in front and won with five lengths to spare.