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Synonyms for drumhead

a membrane that is stretched taut over a drum

performed speedily and without formality


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Manufacturing drumheads has taken Belli on trips around the world.
Finished drumheads are formed from three components.
Remo has developed an incredible array of drumheads to fit every drumming application by utilizing the most advanced technologies.
In fact, Remo officials say the company is the world's leading manufacturer of drumheads.
The stage features an EV (Electro-Voice) sound system, Line 6 amplifiers, DW drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Ernie Ball Music Man bass amps.
And because of our technologically advanced R&D on new adhesives, coatings, films and textures, we'll continue to upgrade our drumheads at a blistering pace.
com, Ampeg/Crate, Drum Workshop, Evans Drumheads, Line 6, TAXI, NAMM, Guitar Center and Guitar World magazine.
Features REMO's new Skyndeep[TM] drumheads with Calf skin graphic which is easily tuned with a socket hex key, and will stay in tune.
With the help of the best percussionist in the world Remo has improved the sound and feel of drumheads providing the World's Top Players the tools they need to create their music.
Inspired by the overwhelming popularity of the Vintage A snare head that was introduced for Remo's 50th Anniversary, Remo now expands the Vintage A line with Toro drumheads.
Remo SKYNDEEP[TM] Calfskin graphic drumheads are made using a proprietary ink embedding process, the results area warm, crisp sound reminiscent of traditional fishskin drumheads.
Our exclusive CROWN PERCUSSION[TM] line features conga and bongo drums that come equipped with Remo's patented tucked FIBERSKYN[R]3 drumheads with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against splitting or pull-out.
Each set will be fitted with either NUSKYN[R] or FIBERSKYN[R] 3 Type 7 tucked drumheads, chrome hardware and curve counter hoops.
The re-released Mondo drum incorporates Remo's patented "Acousticon" drumshell, Mondo drumheads and custom finishes, including new bronze, brass, and nickel-silver metalized finishes.
Rawhide Drumheads, slightly chewed on rim, but big fat sound.