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Synonyms for drumhead

a membrane that is stretched taut over a drum

performed speedily and without formality


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Activities included a traditional Drumhead Service, a parade, exhibitions and re-enactments.
In addition to valuable local items, the auction will contain rare celebrity pieces including a drumhead autographed by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, autographed sheet music from Maroon 5 and The Eagles, a sketch of Bart Simpson autographed by creator Matt Groenig, and a guitar autographed by Paul McCartney.
The Drumhead Service, on Exchange Flags, was held yesterday as part of a weekend of events commemorating World War I.
Although the Military Courts had many shortcomings, perhaps the biggest myth Enright disabuses is the idea that many of the trials conducted by the military in the Martial Law Area were of the drumhead variety.
The Duchess also cancelled her appearance at the solemn Drumhead service at Lee valley Athletics Centre with her husband and Harry on Sept.
Air Cadet percussionists gave a rhythmical display of their award-winning drumming and used their drums to build a makeshift Drumhead Altar, a military tradition which goes back centuries.
THOUSANDS yesterday took part in a drumhead service at Edinburgh Castle as the city commemorated the centenary of World War I.
Anne, commodore in chief of the Royal Navy in the Portsmouth area, attended a drumhead service in Portsmouth, along with veterans and members of the armed forces.
Contractor address : 2 Drumhead Road, Cambuslang Investment Park,
A superb concert closed with the building of a drumhead altar, prayers, the haunting Shindler's List, played by violinist Jodie Smith, and the anthem from the musical, Chess.
The drumhead is a calf-skin cover fastened with strings of rope while the base is left open and struck with bare hands.
It was a drumhead service, with the drums piled up to make a makeshift altar, and the paratroopers were being dropped down all around us," he says.
As that "probably" concerning the skin drumhead illustrates, he isn't always certain.
When the parade reaches the Show Ground there will be a short Drumhead service.
There was also a Drumhead Commemoration Ceremony with the Salvation Army band, standard bearers, and the RAF cadets.