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a fervent and even militant proponent of something

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Shiites commemorate the event of arbaeen by undertaking the pilgrimage to Karbala, the site of Imam Hussein's death, and observe Shiite rites of self-mortification, chanting and drumbeating in procession
The procession was led by a drumbeating Naga sanyasi on horseback.
Abdul-Matin said he avoids TV news on the anniversary "if it's too much of this drumbeating or warmongering, if the focus is on 'what they did to us.
I stopped watching the Super Bowl in 1986 because I was becoming offended by the excessive promotion surrounding the event - the two weeks of NFL drumbeating preceding the game, the pregame shows, the half-time shows and the game day TV shows that seem to start progressively earlier each season," he said in an e-mail.
Ashington are well known for their vocal, drumbeating support, and Gowens would like to hear them getting right behind the team.
General Rick "The Energizer" Hillier: Plus side--Tireless, like the trademark drumbeating bunny battery mascot.
Perfect World will spare no effort in the year of 2007 providing high salary, unique performing opportunities, foreign-quality overseas travel, appealing conditions and lots of drumbeating, all of which is sure to attract the attention of girl players to the "Legend of Martial Arts" game.
We've recognized that as an issue and there's enormous emphasis and drumbeating on enterprise," Landay says.
People used to think we were weird, drumbeating, middle-aged hippies-misfits in the medical system--and now people are saying it makes sense and schools of nursing are teaching holistic care.
They seem to imagine drumbeating campaigns by a newspaper on behalf of a particular candidate or a specific action-plan for a community.
CLINTON - Hypnotic tribal drumbeating in Central Park yesterday was interspersed with Irish step dancing, puppet shows, a German brass band, venomous reptiles and Russian icons.