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Synonyms for drum-shaped

shaped in a form resembling a drum


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Then a brief, faint draft in the gallery caused a drum-shaped appendage on Untitled (Small Wheeled Red), 2006, to flutter slightly, revealing these sculptures to be every bit as fragile as South's medium would suggest.
She and Keller made several changes to a 25-centimeter-wide, drum-shaped skimmer.
The building will be drum-shaped and have several different inside levels, all with underfloor heating.
The drum-shaped, stainless-steel clad auditorium is part of a pounds 5m bid to attract more visitors to the town and the National Library of Wales.
Ladles can be broken into two major groups--conical and drum-shaped.
The cleaning product Janitor in a Drum[R] needed no further explanation than its product name combined with innovative green industrial drum-shaped packaging.
A four-course dinner will feature antipasto, the traditional southern Italian timpano or drum-shaped layered pasta, a secondo and a dolce course.
Most wear a drum-shaped headdress, while some have eye-goggles and feathers; the outfit also includes knee-pads, thigh bands and belts with feather tails.
The main entrance is at the west end next to the library, and is tied to it by a drum-shaped reception counter.
At the corner of Seventh Avenue, a seven-story, drum-shaped structure gracefully pulls the street wall around the corner and, ultimately, forms a three-story mid-block lobby as the curvilinear facade returns into the building.
The drum-shaped orbiter doesn't sport a single camera on board; it sends no pictures back to Earth, unlike Mars Global Surveyor, which has flashed back thousands of photos of the Red Planet's terrain (see SW 10/6/97, p.
The beans are then placed into a green coffee washing and refining machine, a large drum-shaped machine that vigorously stirs beans which have been sprayed with just enough water to dampen them.
The twisted off cores are discharged from the open top of the recess into the flutes as minute drum-shaped objects.
220), is a drum-shaped oven used for slow-roasting meat, seafood and poultry to perfection.
The aircraft they flew during the war carried drum-shaped bombs that bounced over water and exploded at the base of dam walls.