drum roll

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the sound of a drum (especially a snare drum) beaten rapidly and continuously

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So much of tribal is about speed, and halfway through this song by tribal innovator DJ Mouse, there is a superhuman drum roll.
Students at Rock Hill High School in South Carolina began the drum roll at 5pm on May 8 and continued to play until around 8pm the next day.
WU104-20R Wuhan China 20" with Rivets: This 20" china cymbal is a definite exclamation point at the end of a drum roll or any time you need a dramatic accent in your percussion performance.
In that case he was born in the same box as drum roll, please Arkle.
If the owner doesn't want to shell out the extra cash to build on his own land, he'd have to wait until, drum roll please, Jan.
As the first few notes come from the sampler, Reid smiled broadly in the direction of Hebdon, and began his regimented drum roll, interspersed with all manor of cymbals and bells.
Sure, there is a drum order, drum roll call and contests songs, but sometimes you never know.
If we may have a little figurative drum roll, then, here are this year's winners, who will receive their awards at the conference:
Dressed on the Mayflower ballroom stage in formal attire, Nancy McMeekin and Dan Brown presented the awards with a delicate balance parodying the Academy Awards (complete with a drum roll preceding each name) and a serious respect for the hard research and reporting work done by the winners.
Accompanied by a drum roll and cheers, steel workers lifted the beam with a crane and installed it atop the completed steel structure of the building.
It chronicles what could become a drum roll that leads the U.
And Rhodes' answer to this problem, drum roll please: establish a "meaningful dialogue" with students, professors, and administrators.
When a drum major of a pipe-and-drum corps raises his baton to signal a stop, the drummers play boom-boom, boom-boom, drum roll, boom-boom, and not another march step is taken.
It is difficult to single out any one specific part: perhaps the most striking example of Hummel's ability to combine the dramatic with the melodic is the drum roll at the end of the Credo.