drum majorette

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a female baton twirler who accompanies a marching band


a female drum major

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I've watched the little girl who was a drum majorette grow into a monster.
To which iconic UK pop-star was Truman Capote (1924-1964) referring when he said: "He moves like a parody between a drum majorette and Fred Astaire.
Brendan Powell's Drum Majorette, who had only run five times before, turned the seller into a procession, winning by 17 lengths from Maximus.
It is not necessary to strut around like the drum majorette at a gay pride parade to change the world.
Glancing at film clips of herself as Joan of Arc, she asks serenely, ``Who would follow this drum majorette into battle?
Some of the Honley Drum Majorette award winners after the annual |presentation at Honley Community Centre were (from left, back) Sandra Crawford, Jane Kenworthy and Diane Cartwright, and (front) Carol-Anne Lawrence, Annette Laycock and Sarah Rushworth.
Among memories shared on the web page are those of EW, from South Shields, who wrote: "I was a drum majorette in the band my mother and her friend started in 1960.
They separated shortly after Emmanuelle's birth, and she grew up, with three brothers and a sister, on a farm with her mother, and an ambition to be a drum majorette.
Stephanie's fib that she once appeared on Blue Peter in 1969 as a drum majorette was about to be exposed to the nation.
A company was having a parade complete with drum majorettes and police escort.
If you happened to catch Jack Shock, chairman of the Communications Department at my alma mater, Harding University, reading his story about aging drum majorettes on KUAR's broadcast of "Tales From the South" a few months back, none of what you are about to read will surprise you.
After the ceremonial benediction comes the parade, a noisy, uninhibited show which includes everything from strutting, skimpy-skirted drum majorettes to huge flower-decked floats representing the industries and activities of the 50 states of the union.
The city's main streets also played host to animation shows performed by regional bands and drum majorettes, as well as a group of horsemen.
Now the drum majorettes in DC have put their clothes back on, Obama will be put to the test.