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a pre-Christian priest among the Celts of ancient Gaul and Britain and Ireland

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The serpents were likely a metaphor for Druidic religions, which steadily disappeared from Ireland in the centuries after St Patrick planted the seeds of Christianity on the island.
What is enchanting is a walk around the Rock Close a prehistoric druidic settlement with its old trees and witches' kitchen.
But the Druidic furnishings had a clean, designer look, and stage director Stephen Pickover created a modern blend of freeze-frame tableaux and realistic exchanges.
Stories claim that the castle, which is said to rest on an ancient Druidic site, is haunted by an evil being with cavernous eyes and the stench of death.
This druidic law, we are told, instead of being a liability is actually an aid to textual continuity.
Trees too are magical, in ancient Druidic ways, a comparison Prado herself makes.
The set is framed by four monstrous, imitation-stone monoliths, inscribed with Druidic swirls, from which the dancers come bursting like banshees.
Visitors will also encounter the poet and antiquarian Iolo Morganwg, who established the Gorsedd of the Bards in 1792, but also used his own brilliance to forge poetry and invent histories that supported his erroneous claim to be the last druidic bard.
While others such as the opium-fuelled Iolo Morganwg had attempted to refashion Welsh identity along bardic or druidic lines, and still others dreamt of a politically radical Wales, it was the image of Wales as the "land of revivals", Godly, respectable and quiescent, that proved most enduring.
Long before St Augustine brought Christianity to these shores, the Roman vanguard saw mad-looking ancient tattooed Britons, one group with their skins dyed blue with Woad and the other tribe stained red with an iron-based pigment called vitrum, and they were kicking animal-hide prototype footballs about under the supervision of a druidic overseer (a referee).
A large crowd gathered around the Gorsedd circle and applauded each person as they were invested into the Druidic order by Archdruid T James Jones.
This strangely druidic man, ignoring this week that five of his bishops and a couple of Anglican parishes are crossing the Tiber to join Rome, takes up the cause of the long-term workless who he fears "will be driven into a downward spiral of uncertainty, even despair" by community work in return for receiving benefits.
Washington, March 21 (ANI): Archaeologists have recently uncovered evidence which indicates that Druids possibly committed cannibalism and ritual human sacrifice, perhaps on a massive scale, which add weight to ancient Roman accounts of Druidic savagery.
The seemingly druidic Rafael Hendrick holds an inexplicable sway over the entranced "happy ones" of the local village--and why is it said that "nobody ever leaves the circle"?
Con Connor, the archdruid of the Dark Moon Grove druids pictured at Newgrange for the annual druidic winter sun standing ceremony on Friday' The Dark Moon Grove druids take part in their annual winter sun standing ceremony.