drugs bust

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seizure of illegal drugs by the police

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The drugs bust followed the arrests of seven other people for supplying Class A drugs and the police yesterday warned that there will be more arrests to come.
Soteris Athinis, who is serving a 25 year jail sentence in connection with a huge drugs bust three years ago, told newsmen that the allegations he had planned the killing of Michalakis Kakathymis from his prison cell were "beyond reality".
Drugs bust police raided a flat in Middlesbrough town centre and recovered more than pounds 1,000 worth of heroin and made six arrests.
POP star Pete Doherty was detained and held overnight after a police drugs bust, it was confirmed last night.
A MERSEYSIDE couple have been arrested after a drugs bust in Jersey.
The teenage boy was taken off the service bus carrying schoolchildren by police in Barry and arrested after the drugs bust.
A MAN arrested after a pounds 350,000 drugs bust was yesterday refused permission to go on holiday.
Congratulations to Chief Superintendent John Tough and the officers who carried out the drugs bust reported in the Gazette (Arrests After Major Drugs Bust, News, 8.
A MAN has been arrested after a drugs bust by police.
Police have arrested 23 people in a suspected multi-million pound drugs bust.
POLICE seized a massive haul of Viagra tablets in a record pounds 2million drugs bust.
CUSTOMS officers have seized pounds 40 million of cocaine, hidden in machine parts, in what they said was the biggest drugs bust in the UK this year.
Summary: Charlotte Church's ex-boyfriend has been remanded in custody after being charged over a Au10 million drugs bust.
A STUNNED cop was yesterday savaged by a pit bull terrier during a drugs bust.
The cocaine seized in the drugs bust was used as fake snow.