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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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Because for the drugs barons these people, the mules, are really disposable.
Two Irish mobsters, a British drugs baron and six Spaniards were arrested in simultaneous armed raids on land.
Without doubt new laws introduced by this Government have helped our war with the drugs barons.
The spokesman said drugs barons are now recruiting families and couples as well.
The spokesman said drugs barons are now recruiting families and couples to smuggle drugs - believing they will arouse less suspicion.
Today the Home Office launched a probe into the escape attempt which comes just weeks after governor Kathy James declared war on the drugs barons and crime gangs which have caused chaos in the jail.
Cormack - who was said to be one of Scotland's wealthiest drugs barons - alleged at his trial in Aberdeen in 1995 that he paid Mr Cooper a pounds 6000 lump sum and pounds 200 a week.
So when someone stands up to the drugs barons we should take our hats off to them and say 'well done'.
Mr John Abbott, director general of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, told the conference that drugs barons had to be stopped from making large amounts of money.
Millionaire ex-convict John Traynor denies ordering the hit on 37-year-old Veronica, who was gunned down for exposing Dublin's drugs barons.
Also on his landing is HIV sufferer Tony Felloni, another of Ireland's most infamous drugs barons.
When the drugs barons were told of the operation, they sent in two junkies, who climbed up drainpipes to steal the remotecontrol gear from the third-floor flat.
Meanwhile, amazed MPs yesterday queried how another situation could be allowed when they learned that up to ten drugs barons could be operating in every jail in the country.
He is known to have had close business contacts with Ireland's top drugs barons since the early 90s when he moved his heroin and cocaine operation to Holland.