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1) that Eustace had bought the poison; (2) that the reason which he had given to the druggists for buying the poison was not the true reason; (3) that he had had two opportunities of secretly administering the poison to his wife.
The druggist whose label had been found on the crumpled bit of paper now appeared on the stand, to make the position of my unhappy husband more critical than ever.
Andrew Kinlay, druggist, of Edinburgh, deposed as follows:
The next witness, Peter Stockdale (also a druggist of Edinburgh), followed, and said:
He pawed over his food-scraps, debated, then drew a twelve-ounce druggist bottle from his inside coat-pocket.
Then, gravitating naturally to London, he earned his living by working successively for a druggist, for the novelist-printer Samuel Richardson, as a teacher in a boys' school, and as a hack writer.
There, as it should be, the druggist is a counsellor, a confessor, an adviser, an able and willing missionary and mentor whose learning is respected, whose occult wisdom is venerated and whose medicine is often poured, untasted, into the gutter.
Then came the chemist and druggist, with other tabular statements, showing that when they didn't get drunk, they took opium.
THOUSANDS of pharmacies across the country remained closed on Wednesday following a nationwide strike called by the All India Organisation of Chemists & Druggists ( AIOCD) to oppose the central government's move towards regularising the sale of medicines through the Internet or e- pharmacies.
HAFIZABAD -- Chemists and Druggists of Hafizabad protested against the Punjab Drugs Ordinance 2015 and called upon the government to withdraw it immediately to provide sigh of relief to them.
The medicines of major pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo, Cipla and Mankind, are to be banned by all Kerala Chemists and Druggists Association (AKCDA), which could lead to shortage of even essential medicines and the AKCDA is heading for a major rule violation.
This would create a financial conflict of interest by granting the Board of Pharmacy - which is comprised of druggists - unusual regulatory power over those with whom they contract.
ISLAMABAD -- A delegation of Pakistan Chemists and Druggists Association led by its Chairman, Tariq Saeed visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) for congratulating Zafar Bakhtawari on his appointment as President of ICCI.
Druggists and chemists sold the spurious medicine in the provincial capital, Sharan, but no action had so far taken against them, resident Muhammad Omar told Pajhwok Afghan News.
They reported these inflated prices to published national pricing lists; the lists are used by the government to determine what it will pay doctors and druggists who provided those drugs to their Medicare and Medicaid patients, West said.